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Weekly International
Press Brief
17 - 21 : XII : 2018


USA’s Syria Withdrawal

The Islamic State Hasn't Been Defeated

Avoiding a Free-for-All in Syria’s North East

Out We Go

Much Ado About 2,200 Troops in Syria

Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Falling Short of Credible

What is at stake for the DRC presidential election?

How to get ahead in DR Congo politics: A flatterer’s guide


As Brexit Deadline Beckons, Few Signs of Change in British Attitudes

Europe After a No-Deal Brexit

Japan's Defense

The Depths of Tokyo’s Strategic Dilemma

Japan's Active Defenses

Will Abe Be the Japanese Leader to Finally Sign a Peace Treaty with Russia?


Global Compact for Migration—A Missed Opportunity for Europe

The Global South’s New Migration


From the IRA to the Islamic State: The Evolving Terrorism Threat in Europe

Mauritania—Will Islamist Crackdown Make It a Terrorist Target?

ISIS’s charm offensive toward al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb

Great Powers

How Europe Will Try to Dodge the US–China Standoff in 2019

China and Russia: A Strategic Alliance in the Making


US National Strategy for Countering WMD Terrorism

America’s Middle East Purgatory. The Case for Doing Less

Tracking turnover in the Trump administration

Can Congress Stop the Forever War?

Les guerres commerciales de Trump: haro sur le multilatéralisme


Xi Walks the Line Between Reform and Revolution

A New Old Threat – Countering the Return of Chinese Industrial Cyber Espionage

La Chine dans les pays d'Europe orientale et du Caucase du Sud. Un entrisme sur la pointe des pieds

The Age of Uneasy Peace: Chinese Power in a Divided World


Russia's Public Foreign Policy Narratives

The People Vs. the President: United Russia’s Survival Strategy

European Union

Eyes tight shut: European attitudes towards nuclear deterrence

Negotiating a New EU-Africa Agenda: Playing the Migration and Chinese Cards?

The Euro as an International Currency

Why Europe Needs Legal Migration and How to Sell It

Middle East

Iraq’s Post-ISIS Campaign of Revenge

La prueba del agua: cómo la escasez puede desestabilizar Oriente Medio y el norte de África

Why the Middle East Needs an Arab NATO—and America Too

Latin America

The Western Hemisphere Needs U.S. Leadership

Russian Bombers in Venezuela Raise Cold War 2.0 Fears Across Latin America

¿Hacia dónde gira América Latina?

México: ¿cambio de régimen o de élites?


The New Indian Realpolitik: China Is Pushing India’s Foreign Policy Into Uncharted Waters

Anti-ICERD Rally in Kuala Lumpur: What Was That About?

BIMSTEC: An Unprecedented Opportunity for Collaboration and Cooperation in Cyberspace


The Caucasus: No Longer Just Russia’s Neighborhood

State of Play Ahead of Moldova’s Parliamentary Elections

An Independent Catalonia Is Further Away Than Ever


Why Do Political Challenges in Mali Persist?

Angola – A New Politics of Memory? The President and the Ruling Party’s Dark Past

The New U.S. Africa Strategy Is Not About Africa. It’s About China

Can South Africa Return to the Global Stage?

Togo Returns to the Streets to Stop ‘Unfair’ Legislative Elections

Civil Society

Reduced Scope for Action Worldwide for Civil Society

Transatlantic Relations

How Trump Made War on Angela Merkel and Europe

North Korea

When Kim Jong-un Speaks, the United States Should Listen Carefully

Facets of the North Korea Conflict: Actors, Problems and Europe’s Interests

The Nexus between Arms Control and Human Rights in the Case of North Korea 

International Economy

Why Hasn’t Australia Had a Recession in Almost 30 Years?

Books & Reviews

Terrorism and Counterterrorism: A Comprehensive Introduction to Actors and Actions [introdução]

La revolución de los resentidos

Plugging In the British: Completing the Circuit

“China’s Footprints in Southeast Asia”

Liberalismo en armas

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