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Weekly International
Press Brief
10 - 14 : XII : 2018


Migrations: Global Pact

El Pacto Mundial y el multilateralismo migratorio

Some EU governments leaving the UN Global Compact on Migration: A contradiction in terms?

Human Rights

Remembering the Victims

How Human Rights Law Is Evolving to Address Inequality


Armenia’s Revolution Will Not be Monopolized


From Sans Culottes to Gilets Jaunes: Macron’s Marie Antoinette Moment


Brexit endgame: Theresa May’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week

Brexit: What Brexit?


The New U.S. Strategy to Tackle Wmd Terrorism Is New Wine In Old Wineskins

Great Powers

The Sino-Russian and US-Russian relationships: Current developments and future trends

U.S. Security and Russia: Choices and Consequences

The Reset That Wasn’t: The Permanent Crisis of U.S.-Russia Relations

Europe’s connectivity strategy and the challenge of China: Rivalry, reciprocity, or both?


More, Less, or Different? Where U.S. Foreign Policy Should—and Shouldn’t—Go From Here

Permanent Deterrence: Enhancements to the US Military Presence in North Central Europe

The Battle Inside the Political Parties for The Future of U.S. Foreign Policy

The Indo-Pacific Vision in Strategic Limbo: A Foreign Policy Case Study for the Trump Era


Beijing’s Long Struggle for Xinjiang’s Mineral Wealth

China's Naval Future: 6 Aircraft Carriers?

China's Venezuela Policy Is Losing Popularity – In China


Rule by KPI: The Kremlin’s New Approach to Governing Russia

Isolation and Reconquista: Russia’s Toolkit as a Constrained Great Power

European Union

What Merkel’s Successor Will Mean for German Politics

Romania Ahead of the EU Presidency

Financing EU External Action: Understanding member state priorities

A new strategy for EU-Turkey energy cooperation

Strategic autonomy: towards ‘European sovereignty’ in defence?

Middle East

Saudi Arabia, armaments and conflict in the Middle East

Armed Drones in the Middle East: Proliferation and Norms in the Region

Back in Control, Syria’s Regime Tries to Build Its Legitimacy

Regional Geopolitical Rivalries in the Middle East: Implications for Europe

Rethinking Stabilization in Eastern Syria: Toward a Human Security Framework

Latin America

Caribbean: 2030 Trends

Brazilians Study the Anti-Trump Playbook to Fight Bolsonaro


Does the BJP’s Defeat Mean Victory for Secularism in India?

In India, the Congress Party Isn’t Dead Yet

Myanmar Speeds Progress on China’s Belt and Road


Africa Is the New Front in the U.S.-China Influence War

Bobi Wine, el cantante que desafió al presidente de Uganda

Protests Grow ahead of Togo Term Limit Referendum

South Sudan: Peace on Paper


Adaptive Mediation


Facing Nuclear Reality, 35 Years After 'The Day After'

Will Europe try to save the INF Treaty?

Energy Affairs

Opposition to Nord Stream 2 Gathers Steam on Both Sides of the Atlantic


Las amenazas híbridas: nuevas herramientas para viejas aspiraciones

Deepfakes and the New Disinformation War. The Coming Age of Post-Truth Geopolitics

Religion & Politics

Religious soft power in the South Caucasus: The influence of Iran and Turkey


The Difficulty with Diversity

Books & Reviews

On the Brink: Trump, Kim, and the Threat of Nuclear War [Excerpt]

The Long Hangover by Shaun Walker – review

Solzhenitsyn: A Centennial Tribute

Walt’s Hell Of Good Intentions

China, America and the road to a new world order

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