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Weekly International
Press Brief
03 - 07 : XII : 2018



Brexit: From revelation to re-accession

Traditional Divides? Brexit and the Restructuring of British Politics

Populist referendum: Was ‘Brexit’ an expression of nativist and anti-elitist sentiment?

Russia & Ukraine: crisis at the Sea of Azov

Russia's Militarisation of the Black Sea Shouldn't Go Unchecked

Dire strait: Russian naval aggression and Ukrainian politics

Nuclear Security in the Black Sea Region Contested Spaces

Yemen’s War

The UAE and Yemen’s Islah: A Coalition Coalesces

Yemen After a Saudi Withdrawal: How Much Would Change?

Yemen: Giving Peace a Chance?


What France’s Unrest Means

The French "Yellow Vest" Movement and the (Current) Failure of Representative Democracy

Two Roads For the New French Right


La política exterior de la España constitucional

The radical right comes to Spain

Del centro político a los extremos: ¿hacia dónde va nuestra democracia?

International Security

A Long Road to Denuclearisation: Challenges to Security-Based Diplomacy with North Korea

What Deters and Why: Exploring Requirements for Effective Deterrence of Interstate Aggression

Iran’s Missile Test: A Provocation, Not a Violation

NATO Should Save the INF Treaty

G20 Summit

Washington’s Bungled Buenos Aires Summit

Arch of Crisis

Can the West Prevent the Slow Strangulation of Ukraine?

Où va l’Afghanistan?

Uncertain Ground: Engaging with Europe’s De Facto States and Breakaway Territories


Global Terrorism Index 2018

Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism and International Humanitarian Law

Great Powers

Can China and the U.S. Avoid War?

My way or the Huawei: US–China competition steps up a gear

One Belt, One Road, One Big Mistake


The Foreign Policy Genius of George H. W. Bush: How He Changed the Policy Process Forever

The ‘Tariff Man’ President Is Stuck Between China and Wall Street

Ending U.S. Military Support for Saudi Arabia in Yemen Would Trigger Dangerous Consequences

American Foreign Policy Could Use More Prudence


China’s Crackdown on Hong Kong’s Freedoms Is Bad for Business

Xi Jinping’s Dilemma: Back Down or Double Down?

Picking flowers, making honey: The Chinese military’s collaboration with foreign universities

Abroad or at Home, China Puts Party First


The sources of post-soviet conduct

Rusia en América Latina: geopolítica y pragmatismo

Russian Aerospace Forces reform and its Syrian role: the view from Moscow

European Union

Protecting Europe

Pour une Politique Européenne De l’asile, Des Migrations et de la Mobilité

The Populist Challenge to the European Court of Human Rights

Are Some States Luckier than Others in the Council of the European Union?

Middle East

The Road To Damascus: The Arabs March Back To Befriend Assad

Oslo + 25, Lessons Learned and Ways Forward

Latin America

For Mexico’s New President, Power Comes With Symbolic Change

El crimen organizado en el programa de gobierno del futuro presidente de Brasil

The Legacy of Post-Neoliberal Integration in South America: The Cases of ALBA and UNASUR

Latin American and Caribbean Countries Are Competing to Host the 2019 U.N. Climate Talks. That’s Good News for the Region and the World


How the U.S. Can Prevent a China-dominated Asia

Sri Lanka and great-power competition in the Indo-Pacific: a Belt and Road failure?

If History is Any Guide, Bangladesh Elections are About to Get Ugly

The India-Pakistan corridor of peace


Why Aren’t We Paying Attention to Africa’s Most Important Election?

A tool to silence: Torture to crush dissent in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Long-distance Relationships: African Peacekeeping

Chad: Defusing Tensions in the Sahel

Transitional Justice

Supporting Transitional Justice in Fragile Environments: Lessons from Iraq Post-ISIS


To Survive, Ditch the Cause of the Nation-State

Books & Reviews

Reading Machiavelli: Scandalous Books, Suspect Engagements, and the Virtue of Populist Politics [Introduction]

How voter suppression threatens our democracy

The Great Resenter

La cara oscura del Sureste Asiático

De la Perse à l'Iran

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