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Weekly International
Press Brief
26 - 30 : XI : 2018


Russia & Ukraine: crisis at the Sea of Azov

Crimea Annexation 2.0

Strategic Implications of Russia and Ukraine’s Naval Clash on November 25

Ukraine Doesn’t Deserve America’s Blind Support

Ukraine’s new front is Europe’s big challenge


Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration

The Brexit 'Future Relationship': not a deal, but a half-blind date

G20 Summit

Awkward Moments For MBS in Buenos Aires

The G20 in A Zero-Sum World

The G20 Tango: What to Expect From the Buenos Aires Summit

What Does the Kremlin Want Out of Putin and Trump’s Meeting?

Taiwan’s Election

After Election, Taiwan’s Grand Strategy Is in Doubt

Chinese Interference Casts a Dark Cloud Over Local Elections in Taiwan


The terror–cyber–crime nexus and terrorists’ innovation

Great Powers

Visions of an Illiberal World Order? The National Right in Europe, Russia and the US

Three things to know ahead of the Trump-Xi Jinping meeting

Chinese Influence & American Interests: Promoting Constructive Vigilance


A Foreign Policy for All: Strengthening Democracy—at Home and Abroad

America Finally Shows Signs of Competing in Asia

There Is No Grand Bargain with China


China’s Rise as a Geoeconomic Influencer: Four European Case Studies

China’s ‘development for stability’ Root Cause model faces challenges

China’s Untested Military Could Be a Force—or a Flop 


How Putin Is Perfecting His Border Plan

Moscow faces new challenges in Idlib "de-escalation zone"

Going Legit? The Foreign Policy of Vladimir Putin

European Union

Time for Central and East Europe to Break Out of Their Bubble

Assessing the European Union’s North Africa trade agreements

Shadows over the European Elections: Three Scenarios for EU-sceptical Parties after the 2019 Elections

Middle East

From “hard power” to “soft power” and back again: Turkish foreign policy in the Middle East

Hezbollah's New Cabinet Push

Why Saudi Arabia Will Acquire Nuclear Weapons

Latin America

La expansión política de las iglesias evangélicas en América Latina

China's Venezuela Policy Is Losing Popularity

Nicaragua: Revolution and restoration

Mexico’s Postmodern Populism


The Triumph of Hindu Majoritarianism: A Requiem for an Old Idea of India

Simultaneous Indonesian elections could kill off smaller parties

Singapore’s uphill battle to maintain ASEAN unity


How Boko Haram Is Trying to Disrupt Nigeria’s 2019 Election

Des murs et des hommes: sécuriser les frontières africaines au XXIe siècle

Former Military Networks a Threat to Peace? The Demobilisation and Remobilization of Renamo in Central Mozambique


Liberal Bloodbath Repels Australian Voters


The Second Round of Sanctions against Iran: The Impact on Iran and the Global Oil Market

Who Cares about France’s Energy Transition?

Nord Stream Two Makes New Headway, as Pressure Mounts to Block the Pipeline

International Order

The Vagaries of World Power

No New Cold War: Give Strategic Interdependence a Chance

European Security

The Transformation of European Armaments Policies

EU-NATO Coordination in Crisis Management: From Complementarity to Synergies

Under the gun: Rearmament for arms control in Europe


NATO’s Trident Juncture Exercises: What to Know


«Inmigración y asilo: en el centro de la arena política». Anuario CIDOB de la Inmigración 2018

Climate Change

Katowice Climate Summit: What to Watch

The Role of Sub-state and Non-state Actors in International Climate Processes

Democracy Crisis

Malevolent soft power, AI, and the threat to democracy


The World Nationalism Made

Books & Reviews

Historia mundial de España [excerto]

A People's Constitution: The Everyday Life of Law in the Indian Republic [introduction]

The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict was Fought and Won

A Foreign Policy Realist Challenges America’s Zeal for Intervention

“The New Silk Roads: The Present and Future of the World” by Peter Frankopan

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