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Weekly International
Press Brief
03 - 07 : IX : 2018


Sweden’s Election

So Long, Swedish Welfare State?

El populismo en Suecia: polarización socioeconómica en el modelo de Estado socialdemócrata

Why Sweden’s 2018 Elections Matter

Korean Question

Setting the Stage for the Third Inter-Korean Moon-Kim Summit in Pyongyang

The U.S. Needs a New North Korea Strategy

A Bigger Game in North Korea

Arch of Crisis

Status Stalemate in the Caucasus

Siria: cuatro fronteras, cuatro guerras


Terrorism: U.S. Strategy and the Trends in Its “Wars” on Terrorism

Pulling Back the Curtain: An Inside Look at the Islamic State’s Media Organization

Great Powers

What Russia's Vostok-18 Exercise with China Means


Inexorable Changes in US Foreign Policy?

John McCain and the Meaning of Courage

America Needs the Muhammad Ali Doctrine

¿Los republicanos de Trump contra los socialdemócratas del Partido Demócrata? No es tan sencillo


Grand Strategy and China’s Soft Power Push in Africa

China's Belt and Road Is Full of Holes

Xi Jinping’s Anti-Corruption Campaign: The Hidden Motives of a Modern-Day Mao

China is Losing the New Cold War


Why Putin's Approval Ratings Are Declining Sharply

Russia’s Turn to Eurasia

European Union

Macron vs Salvini: the ideological battle for Europe’s future

Europe’s Surprising Economic Success Story

International Trade Under Attack: What Strategy for Europe?

Contracting Out – The EU’s Migration Gamble

Middle East

Abstinence or Tolerance: Managing Nuclear Ambitions in Saudi Arabia

El Golfo En El Centro: Una Radiografía Del Nuevo Oriente Medio

Mohamed bin Salman Unhinged? Maybe Not

The Idea of a Jordanian-Palestinian Confederation, Revisited

Latin America

Brazil's Crisis, in Two Sentences or Less

El voto del enojo: el nuevo (o no tan nuevo) fenómeno electoral latinoamericano

La reforma política y sus posibles efectos en Perú

Is Guatemalan Democracy Under Attack?


The Strategic Vision behind Vietnam’s International Trade Integration

Australia-US Convergence On The “Indo-Pacific”: AUSMIN 2018

Can a 'Federal Front' Help Take Down India's Modi?


Opportunité perdue au Zimbabwe

Revolts in Central Africa: Protests, Politics, and Ways Forward

Achieving Peace in Northeast Nigeria: The Reintegration Challenge

North America

¿Vamos hacia un TLCAN bilateral?


La Moldavie entre la Russie et l’Occident. L’intégration européenne à l’épreuve des fractures intérieures


Australia’s Political Division at Home Undermines Its Leadership Abroad

ASEAN–Australia relations: the suitable status quo


Does Europe Have an Alternative to Populism?

Explaining Eastern Europe: The Crisis of Liberalism

Democracy & Authoritarianism

Democracy and Trade Liberalisation

Why Technology Favors Tyranny


Romania’s Air Defenses Are Being Stretched to the Limit 


The Forgotten History of the Financial Crisis

Books & Reviews

Hezbollah: A Short History [chapter 1]

In ‘Fear,’ Bob Woodward Pulls Back the Curtain on President Trump’s ‘Crazytown’

“Carving Up the Globe: An Atlas of Diplomacy” by Malise Ruthven (General editor)

The book that foresaw the assault on the Rohingyas

Germany’s Return of the Repressed


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