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Weekly International
Press Brief
16 - 20 : VII : 2018


Helsinki Summit

The Big Lebowski International Order

U.S. Needs a Russia Strategy Now More Than Ever

The Helsinki Summit: the Beginning of a Journey

Re-establishing Reality in U.S.–Russia Relations after Helsinki

Nicaragua’s Crisis

Hear no evil, see no evil: Daniel Ortega in the midst of a crisis

A Timeline of Nicaragua's Crisis

Central America’s Violent Northern Triangle

Transatlantic Relations

After the West? A Positive Transatlantic Agenda in a Post-Transatlantic Age

Elections in Paquistão

Can Shehbaz Sharif Escape His Brother's Shadow?

Is Democracy Dying in Pakistan? How the Military and Judiciary Threaten the Upcoming Elections

New conflict lines in Pakistan’s tribal areas

Arch of Crisis

Order from chaos: Stabilising Libya the local way

NATO Brussels Summit: Key Outcomes and Implications for Ukrainian Interests

The Afghan War of Attrition: Peace Talks Remain an Extension of War by Other Means


Trump Should Prioritize Fighting Terrorism

Great Powers

Europe in the New Era of Great Power Competition: How the EU Can Stand Up to Trump and China 


Chaos from order

Trump the Disrupter

What The Mueller Indictment Means

Tracking turnover in the Trump administration


The Belt and Road Initiative: A Road to China’s World Cup Dreams?

Xi Jinping, Senegal, and China’s West Africa drive

Two Years On, South China Sea Ruling Remains a Battleground for the Rules-Based Order


The “Single Concept of History” in Russia

European Union

La Estrategia Global Europea, entre las palabras y los hechos

Regime Change? The European Economy to 2030

The EU and the Iran nuclear deal: how to proceed?

Middle East

Erdogan Takes Total Control of “New Turkey”

Beyond Security: Stabilization, Governance, and Socioeconomic Challenges in Iraq

Iraqi Elections Poised to Further Empower Pro-Iran Hadi al-Ameri

A Fifth Presidential Term for Bouteflika?

Latin America

New President, Old Problems: Corruption and Organised Crime Keep Peru in Crisis

Cuba: New President, New Economy?

> It’s a Lula Election in Brazil. Again.

> Haiti: The elements of a crisis


Political and Economic Governance in the Balkans and Eastern Europe Compared

Time to Let the Rule of Law in Poland Have Its Day In Court

Czech Republic: The government of Babiš and the left


North Korea’s Power Structure

A marriage of inconvenience? East Timor’s new governing coalition

Japan's pivot in Asia

What has gone wrong in Cambodia?

The 2019 Indonesian Presidential Election – The Jockeying Gathers Pace: Fluidity Of Candidates and Parties


From Rhetoric to Concrete Steps: Will Reforms in Ethiopia Last?

The Politics of Ports in the Horn: War, Peace and Red Sea Rivalries

Victorias históricas y grandes derrotas de la prensa en África

Three predictions about Mali’s 2018 presidential election

Democracy Crisis

Comparing Democratic Distress in the United States and Europe

The Crisis of Liberalism

Global Trade

Yes, He Can: Trump Provokes a Trade War

Crisis Management

The ICC and the RtoP in a post-interventionist world: Adapting to critique?

UN Police and Conflict Prevention

International Order

Trump, American hegemony and the future of the liberal international order


Moscow’s Syria Campaign: Russian Lessons for the Art of Strategy


The Rise of Referendums: A Death Sentence for Multilateralism?

Books & Reviews

Local Mexico: Democratic Transitions in an Authoritarian Context [introduction]

China’s Great Wall of Debt

España en el corazón

Election rigging by dictators is too easy, and the West often looks the other way

The Making of a Moral Hero: ‘The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela’

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