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Weekly International
Press Brief
05 - 09 : XII : 2016


 South Korea Faces Impeachment

A long goodbye - South Korea’s president half-offers to resign

South Korea’s Leadership Crisis

Elections in Africa

The Gambia Votes: A Rare Victory for Democracy in Africa?

Elections in Ghana: 2016 General Elections 

Arch of Crisis

IS Defeat in Sirte Leaves Tunisia Vulnerable

Looking Beyond Mosul

Islamist Groups in Afghanistan and the Strategic Choice of Violence

Russia in Libya, A Driver for Escalation?


>Définir Le Terrorisme: Défis Et Pratiques

How and Why the United States and Russia Can Cooperate on Terrorism

Air strikes can only do so much to fight the Islamic State

Great Powers

I Think That Chinese Official Really Liked Me!

Russia and China: Partners of Choice and Necessity?


The Foreign Policy Milestones of 2017

The Foreign Policy Legacy of Barack Obama

Trump’s Third Ring of Suburbs

Presidential Transition 2017

Low Approval of Trump’s Transition but Outlook for His Presidency Improves


Putin’s Next Steppe: Central Asia and Geopolitics

Strategic Solidarity: How Central Asia Responds to the Kremlin's Exhortations

The Russia Question: Sovereignty and Legitimacy in Post-Soviet Eurasia


Reforming China’s Arms Procurement System: An Effort to be Closely Watched

La Chine en Méditerranée : un nouvel activism

European Union

Europe must not miss out on the 4th Industrial Revolution

Renzi’s defeat is not another victory of populism

Brexit Requires Five Difficult Negotiations

Where is Europe Headed?

Spain: A new opportunity to play a more central role in the EU

Latin America

The Era of Elitist and Demagogic Politics Is Over

Venezuela frente al 2017: ¿Normalización o transición?

 Middle East

At the edge: trends and routes of North African clandestine migrants

Avoiding Mistakes in Middle East Peacemaking

Iran and Its Iraqi Shi'a Allies

Iraq’s Year of Rage

The Fall of Turkey


>Central Asian transitions: a health check

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A Road to Peace?

The Long Fall of Taiwan


The African Union and Development in Africa

Guinea’s 2020 presidential elections, a crisis in the making?

A Measured US Strategy for the New Africa

Too Little, Too Late


From Suez to Syria: Why NATO Must Strengthen Its Political Role

Toward a More Flexible NATO Nuclear Posture

Global Trade

The geopolitical relevance of Piraeus and China's New Silk Road

Energy Market

An Oil-Price War’s Surprise Ending


The Economic Value of Peace 2016

Democracy & Authoritarianism

How Democracies Fall Apart: Why Populism Is a Pathway to Autocracy

International Security

Water Security, Conflict and Cooperation

Regional Security Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region


The Major Ideologies of Liberalism, Socialism and Conservatism


A New Dimension for Statecraft

Books & Reviews

«El año de los refugiados» Anuario CIDOB de la Inmigración 2015-2016

Even If It Ain’t Broke Yet, Do Fix It: Enhancing Effectiveness Through Military Change 

How Propaganda Works [introduction]

L'Armée en embuscade?

The Kurds Are Nearly There

Vietnam: A New History by Christopher Goscha

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