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Weekly International
Press Brief
28 : XI - 02 : XII : 2016


Fidel Castro: 1926-2016 

La omnipresencia de Fidel Castro en Cuba

Issue Guide: Fidel Castro

The Next Cuban Revolution? What Castro's Death Means for the Country's Opening

Cuba: primera línea de juego o de fuego

Italian Constitutional Referendum

The Italian referendum

Europe Braces For Italy's Referendum

Donald J. Trump Election

The End of the End of History

Trump voters want to build the wall, but are more divided on other immigration questions

Why we shouldn't abolish the Electoral College

Arch of Crisis

A Turning Point in Aleppo 

“Toughest Sanctions Ever”: UN Security Council Resolution 2321

Elephants In Afghanistan: The Military’s Counterinsurgency Failure

IS Defeat in Sirte Leaves Tunisia Vulnerable

La persistente fragilidad del Cáucaso: la “crisis de abril” de Nagorno-Karabaj


From San Bernardino to Ohio State

How West Africa Became Fertile Ground for AQIM and ISIS

Great Powers

China’s global rise: Can the EU and U.S. pursue a coordinated strategy?

Why small steps on Russia are better than attempts at a grand bargain

China and Russia: Gaming the West

Global nightmare, false alarm — or a first step to a new geopolitical order?


A Quiet Coup? What Lay Behind the Russian Minister’s Arrest

Claiming the Diaspora: Russia´s Compatriot Policy and its Reception by [the] Estonian-Russian Population

If War Comes Tomorrow: How Russia Prepares for Possible Armed Aggression

French Presidential Election

The Necessity of France

France’s Zombie Catholics Have Risen — and They’re Voting

What’s Next for France after Fillon’s Primary Victory

François Fillon’s Victory: More Clarity on the Way to the French Presidential Elections

European Union

Referéndum italiano, elecciones austriacas: Europa alerta

The Role of the European Parliament: Between External and Internal Challenges

La libre circulation des Européens - État des lieux d'un droit fantasmé

Orbán’s Hungary: A Cautionary Tale About the Perils of Right-Wing National Populism

Global Britain: UK Foreign Policy in the Era of Brexit

The EU’s Enlargement Strategy – Is it working?

Latin America

Nicaragua 2016: elecciones autoritarias en un escenario incierto

Brazil, Argentina, and the Politics of Global Nonproliferation and Nuclear Safeguards

Brazil’s Democracy Is Dominated by Old Men. This Group Wants to Change That.

Michel Temer’s Shrinking Presidency

Middle East

Sectarian Dilemmas in Iranian Foreign Policy: When Strategy and Identity Politics Collide

Islamists in Government: Lessons from their Successes and Failures

Real security: The interdependence of governance and stability in the Arab World

Israel/Palestine: Parameters for a Two-State Settlement

Jordan-Israel Relations: Normalization in the Shadow of Political Deadlock


The Opening of the North Korean Mind: Pyongyang Versus the Digital Underground

Toward Strategic Economic Cooperation Between India and Japan


Ghana’s Vaunted Electoral Process Under Stress

Ending War in South Sudan: A New Approach

Africa uprising? The protests, the drivers, the outcomes


Next Steps for NATO: The Necessity of Greater Military Interoperability

Russie/OTAN : maîtriser la confrontation

Global Trade

Ceder y ganar en la OPEP y fuera de ella


Global Energy Debates and the Eastern Mediterranean


We Cannot Take Liberal Democracy For Granted

Books & Reviews

Chinese Politics in the Xi Jinping Era: Reassessing Collective Leadership [Sample Chapter]

Arguing Islam After the Revival of Arab Politics

Centrifugal Empire: Central Local Relations in China by Jae Ho Chung

A wistful look at India’s intellectuals

‘Dark Money,’ by Jane Mayer

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