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Weekly International
Press Brief
21 - 25 : XI : 2016


Donald J. Trump Election

In Light of the Elections: Recession, Expansion, and Inequality

Trump and Brexit: The Cost of Failure to Empathize

Victoria de Trump: ¿regalo envenenado para Israel?

Is this how democracy ends?

Le monde selon Trump. Anticiper la nouvelle politique étrangère américaine

Arch of Crisis

Not Frozen!: Conflicts in the Post-Soviet Area

Syria, Iraq and the Struggle for Power: Intertwined Futures

Will the Battle for Mosul Change the Power of the Kurds in Iraq?

Syria and the Chemical Weapons Ban

Islamist Groups in Afghanistan and the Strategic Choice of Violence


Taking the Lead: How the EU, Russia, and China Can Protect the Iran Nuclear Deal


Countering Daesh Extremism - European and Asian Responses

Map of Africa’s Active Militant Islamist Groups

How Will Jihadist Strategy Evolve As The Islamic State Declines?

Does the Islamic State threaten al-Shabaab’s hegemony in Somalia?

Great Powers

Why China Thinks It Can Build a Utopian World Order

Donald Trump and US-Russian Relations: Geopolitical Bromance or Business-as-Usual?

Dreaming of Normalisation: Germany vs. Russia

Donald Trump and US-China Relations: Putting America First Could Give China the Edge


Silk globalisation. China’s vision of international order

Evaluating China's Economy

China’s Military Deployments in the Gulf of Aden: Anti-Piracy and Beyond


Russian security policy – research in Finland and development trends in Russia

Post-truth politics in Ukraine: A ‘common sense’ campaign that is anything but


Central Europe’s Uncertain Future

Ever-Intractable Transdniestria

European Union

The EU’s Crisis of Governance and European Foreign Policy

Trouble on the tracks: Averting the Turkey-EU ‘train wreck’

‘Soft Brexit’ is not an option

La Politique Européenne De Voisinage : Un Phénix Bureaucratique ?

Middle East

What Does the Dissolution of the Kuwaiti Parliament Mean for the Next Election?

Algeria’s South: Trouble’s Bellwether

Narratives of Reform in the UAE

From Baabda to al-Qusayr: Hezbollah´s Victory March

Latin America

Five Goals for Brazil's New Foreign Policy


North Korea Is a Total Nightmare—That South Korea Shouldn't Fear

Trump y el baile de alianzas en el Sudeste Asiático

Indonesian President’s Visit to India : A Visit of Strategic Significance

The Myth of India’s Non-Aligned Boycott

Can India Grow? Challenges, Opportunities, and the Way Forward

Malaysian opposition gains strength


The Role of Civil Society in Averting Instability in the DRC

African urban futures

Bond Notes: A Final Blow to Zimbabwe's Rock Bottom Economy?


Iran and China Are Strengthening Their Military Ties

The U.S.-ROK Alliance and the Trump Administration

How US protectionism would threaten Australia

The EU-China-Africa triangle

International Security

65 years of military spending: Trends in SIPRI's new data

Global Trade

TPP Could Go Forward without the United States


World Development Indicators 2016


Populism Is Not Fascism: But It Could Be a Harbinger

Books & Reviews

A Savage War: A Military History of the Civil War [introduction]

Which Countries Will Get the Bomb?

Siria: revolución, sectarismo y yihad

They were expendable

Quelle Histoire! A New History of France

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