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Weekly International
Press Brief
07 - 11 : XI : 2016


USA Election

Trump and American Political Decay

Trump and U.S. Trade Policy: What’s Known is Scary, What’s Not May be Worse

Could Trump Actually Start a Nuclear War?

A quoi ressemblerait une présidence Trump ?

Four trends from US state and local elections

U.S. Allies and Rivals Digest Trump’s Victory

Sub-Saharan Africa and a Trump Administration

Arch of Crisis

Raqqa, Mosul, and the Long War

Mosul After ISIS: No Clear Plan for Peace


The Rise and Stall of the Islamic State in Afghanistan

The Uncertain Trends and Metrics of Terrorism in 2016

Beyond Syria and Iraq: Examining Islamic State Provinces

How Will Jihadist Strategy Evolve as the Islamic State Declines?


2017 Conference to Outlaw Nuclear Weapons: Time Ripe for a Stand-Alone Disarmament Instrument?


The Lessons of Henry Kissinger

The 'Pivot' Gets Trumped: The Asia-Pacific Under President Trump

Can America Remain a Pacific Power?


China's 6th Plenum: Why You Should Care

Can China's Ambitious OBOR Mesh With Russian Plans in Eurasia?

Reforming China´s Arms Procurement System


Russia-Iran Relations

This Is What It Looks Like When Russia Really Wants to Mess With Your Election

A Tale of Two Statues

European Union

Salvaging Brexit: The Right Way to Leave the EU

A breakthrough year in relations between Turkey and the European Union – an attempt to take stock

EU-Armenian Relations: Seizing the Second Chance

The EU’s Capital Markets Union

Jungle Justice: European Migration Policy Seen from the South

Middle East

Turkey’s failed pursuit of hegemony in the Middle East: Three periods of Turkey’s ‘independent’ foreign policy

Survey of Economic and Social Developments in the Arab Region 2015-2016

Lebanon’s State of Erosion

Rethinking U.S. Economic Aid to Egypt

Warning Update: Economic and Political Instability in Egypt

Latin America

Venezuela, a Failing State

Rejecting Peace? Legacies of Violence in Colombia

Nicaragua 2016: elecciones autoritarias en un escenario incierto


Will India and Pakistan Cripple the SCO?

India and Japan come together again

The Public Loves Myanmar’s New War on Muslims

Reflecting on the first 100 days of President Duterte


Ghana’s Perfect Storm: Is Africa’s Model Democracy in Danger of Faltering?

South Africa’s ICC Withdrawal is a Distraction from a Broader Political Crisis

South African Local Elections 2016. From One Party Dominance To Effective Plural

The future of democracy in Africa


The New White Paper 2016 – Promoting Greater Understanding of Security Policy?


NATO´s New Frontlines

Can NATO Pay Up?

Great Powers

How the United States and China Can Avoid Greater Tensions


From Conflict to Equilibrium: The Construction of a Common Ground for Social and Political Consensus on Migration


The Case Against Democracy

Books & Reviews

Paradoxes of Liberal Democracy: Islam, Western Europe, and the Danish Cartoon Crisis [Introduction]

West and Central Africa [Book Chapter]

El desmoronamiento

Review of Sumit Ganguly's Deadly Impasse

6 Books to Help Understand Trump’s Win

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