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Weekly International
Press Brief
31 : X - 04 : XI : 2016


Arch of Crisis

> Understanding the Escalation Between India and Pakistan

> Afghanistan´s Uncertain Future: Fragmented Realities and Geopolitical Fault Lines

> The China Option: Progress in Pyongyang Must Go Through Beijing

> Russia Prepares to Escalate Military Intervention in Syria

The Libyan Political Agreement: Time for a Reset


Lessons from the Fifteen-Year Counterterrorism Campaign

> Remote Control Project Briefing: What British War on Terror?

International Order

Three Dimensions: Is the Break Between the Kremlin and the West Permanent?

> Global Order and the New Regionalism

> A Failed New World Order and Beyond: Russian View


Managing the Risks of Nuclear Energy: The Turkish Case

> An Evolving Narrative

> Nuclear Disarmament: The Missing Link in Multilateralism


The Case for the Militarization of Foreign Aid

> Powerplay: The Origins of the American Alliance System in Asia

> Turkey-U.S. Relations and the Next Administration

> Can America's Political System Survive the Presidential Election?


> Is Xi Jinping Hoarding Power at the ‘Core’?

> Why China’s Xi Jinping isn’t on his way to strongman rule

> China´s Re-Emergence: Assessing Civilian-Military Relations in the Contemporary Era

> Understanding Chinese Nuclear Thinking


Conceivable Surprises: Eleven Possible Turns in Russia´s Foreign Policy

> La Russie et l'Europe centrale et orientale : entre confrontations et connivences

> State-led Nationalism in Today’s Russia: Uniting the people with conservative values?

> Sorry West, Russia’s Just Not That Into You: Preparing for Long-Term Estrangement

> Vladimir of Arabia

European Union

>Brexit's Impact on the EU Institutions: Immediate implications and possibilities for reform

> Europe’s Militaries Have a Sharing Problem

>Debunking Myths about Strengthened EU Security and Defense Cooperation

Middle East

Turkey will get worse before it gets better

> The Scramble for Lebanon's Presidency

> The Libyan Political Economy: Political Conflict, Crisis Management and Structural Reform

> Egypt’s Shift from Saudi Arabia to Russia

> Ruling Families and Business Elites in the Gulf Monarchies: Ever Closer?

Latin America

> Latin America’s Populist Hangover

Venezuela y su Pareto pésimo

Nicaragua, o el eterno retorno a la barbarie

Brazil’s Authoritarian Side Makes a Comeback

Aumentar la calidad institucional en América Latina para promover el crecimiento


Deciphering Rodrigo Duterte's China Triangulation

> A New Era of Intolerance in Thailand?

Asia’s Murky Roadmap for Growth


Beyond the International Criminal Court

> More contestation and uncertainty for the DRC

> Huge Oil Discovery in Nigeria

> The perpetual transition in Somalia


> Why Montenegro's Elections Matter

Conflict Management

> International Conflict Management: Linking Scientific Research and Policymaking

Climate Change

> What to Watch at the Climate Conference in Marrakech

De la COP21 à la COP22 : comment gagner le combat climatique ?

> Climate change consequences for the Islamic world: Of infernal proportions


> The role of the Warsaw Summit in Armenia - Georgia Security Ties


> CETA’s signature: 38 statements, a joint interpretative instrument and an uncertain future


>The ‘History Problem’ in Sino-Japanese Relations: What’s the Problem?

Books & Reviews

The Red Guard Generation and Political Activism in China [introduction]

> The Depths of Russia: Oil, Power and Culture after Socialism by Douglas Rogers

The Puzzles of the Pivot: America in the Asia-Pacific

La Grande Guerre dans les colonies

Islamic State v. al-Qaida

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