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Weekly International
Press Brief

24 - 28 : X : 2016


Canadian Trade Negotiations in an Era of Deep Integration

> Does Wallonia’s veto of CETA spell the beginning of the end of EU trade policy?

> End of CETA, end of European trade deals

Arch of Crisis

> Between Iraq and a hard place: How the battle in Mosul will affect ISIS control in the region

> Is Turkey’s insistence on a military role in Mosul a strategic miscalculation?

> How Far Can the Turkey-Russia Rapprochement in Syria Go?

> Syrie-Irak. Ni redécoupage des frontières ni restauration de l’État: L’autre scénario pour le Proche-Orient

> Libya’s Political Agreement Reaching a Breaking Point


The Islamic State’s coming rural revival

> Terror overseas: understanding China’s evolving counter-terror strategy

International Order

The Unmaking of Global Order

Let's Talk About Great Power Competition with China

> Global Power Distribution and Warfighting in the 21st Century


US Presidential Election. What Scenarios for the World after Obama?

> Diplomacy's Aversion to Power: Consequences of Retreat

> Elections américaines : l'échec probable de Donald Trump

> The PLA Navy


China, Iran, and 'One Belt, One Road'

> Is Turkey Pivoting To China?

> China’s Military Reforms: An Optimistic and a Pessimistic Take

> Peacekeeping with Chinese Characteristics?

Rússia | Russia

Russia's October Surprise: Its Failed Attempt to Hack the Election

> Chechnya’s New Contract With the Kremlin

European Union

Spain finally has a new government: what lies ahead?

> Thirty Years of the Single European Market

Calais : système français à bout de souffle ou échec de la politique d’asile européenne ?

> L'avenir du projet européen

> Putin in Berlin

> An anatomy of inclusive growth in Europe

Middle East

Iran Faces Challenges in Implementing Its FATF Action Plan

> Will the Nuclear Deal Transform Iran?

> Iraq’s Year of Rage

Latin America

Brazil's Generation of Discontent: An Effort to Make Fringe Politics Mainstream

España y América Latina: el falso dilema Norte-Sur


>Shakeup in the South China Sea

> Creating a Stable Asia: An Agenda for a U.S.-China Balance of Power

> Where Is Duterte’s Foreign Policy Going? A Chinese Perspective


Notes From Guinea-Bissau, the Forgotten State

Le développement du secteur gazier en Tanzanie et au Mozambique. Les prémices de deux expériences dissymétriques

> Here’s what Africans think about China’s influence in their countries

> African Powers Must Support Democracy in DR Congo

La Grand Inga Dam: a través del corazón de África


> Military Capabilities in the Arctic: A New Cold War in the High North?

Democracy & Authoritarianism

> The Specter Haunting Europe: Distinguishing Liberal Democracy’s Challengers


> Switzerland: Migration Quotas versus Market Access

International Economy

Financial regulation: The G20’s missing Chinese dream

> One Belt, One Road: an economic roadmap

International Justice

> Is the International Criminal Court Crumbling Before Our Eyes?

Fargile States

> Closing Space and Fragility


> Whodunnit? Russia and Coercion through Cyberspace

Books & Reviews

The Nobel Factor: The Prize in Economics, Social Democracy, and the Market Turn [Introdução]

Engineers of Jihad: A Study of the Connection between Violent Extremism and Education

India’s Military Power: A General Reflects, by Lt Gen H.C. Dutta

La izquierda apunta a Hillary

Atroce guerre d’Espagne

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