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Weekly International
Press Brief

17 - 21 : X : 2016

Battle for Mosul

What Would Victory in Mosul Look Like?

One Battle, But 'Six Campaigns'

Unseating the Caliphate: Contrasting the Challenges of Liberating Fallujah and Mosul



NATO, the EU, and the Curse of Suez


Duterte in Asia 

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Meets Xi Jinping: First Takeaways

Why the Philippines’ Pivot From U.S. to China Is Unusual

Duterte doubles down on his China pivot



Cumbre de Goa y discrepancias entre los BRICS

BRICS Summit: Putin, Xi, Modi

A look ahead at the BRICS summit in Goa


Myanmar's Peace Process

Myanmar's Road Ahead: Growth, Peace, and U.S. Sanctions

Asian Support for Democracy in Myanmar

Myanmar’s Peace Process: Getting to a Political Dialogue


Arch of Crises 

Are Turkey and Iraq Headed for War in Mosul?

Conflict Between India and Pakistan

How Iran's Involvement in Yemen Could Draw America into the War

“Telling The Story”. Sources of Tension in Afghanistan & Pakistan: A Regional Perspective (2011-2016)


Survey Findings - Global Perceptions of Violent Extremism

Europe’s new counter-terror wars


Dealing with a nuclear-armed North Korea


The Second-Most Important Vote On Nov. 8

Election 2016 and America's Future

Slow US growth might have a much simpler explanation than you thought

Leveraging U.S. Power in the Middle East: A Blueprint for Strengthening Regional Partnerships

El papel del voto latino en las elecciones estadounidenses de 2016


China’s Great Stagnation

Can China Reshape Asia’s Security Architecture?

The Separation Between Mosque and State


Putin's Dangerous Baltic Games

Sanctions Can Expose Putin’s Foreign Policy Contradictions

European Union

European Defence: This time, could they really mean it?

The EU-India Partnership: The Case for Greater Security Convergence

Beyond hard, soft and no Brexit

European Union can deal itself back into relevance

Middle East

Civil-military relations in the MENA: between fragility and resilience

History´s Lessons for Resolving Today’s Middle East Conflicts

Turkey After July 15 - Dawn or Disaster?

North America 

America's Very Own Mexican Standoff

Trudeau Government, Canadian Foreign Policy, and Public Opinion: A One-Year Assessment

México: Los zapatistas y la participación electoral


Latin America 

Dos escenarios para Venezuela


Conflict Resurgence and the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan: A Hurried and Imposed Peace Pact?

West Africa Is Being Swallowed by the Sea


China May Be Rising, But America Is Not in Retreat

A New Approach to Thailand’s Insurgency

Countering Militancy and Terrorism in Pakistan: The Civil-Military Nexus

Why Indonesia's Stability Is Stagnation

International Trade

Capital Flight from Africa and Development Inequality: Domestic and Global Dimensions

The case for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Maple syrup on Belgian waffles: EU-Canada trade

Populist Surge 

Europe’s Populist Surge: A Long Time in the Making

International Justice

Timeline: Leaders Facing Justice

If Burundi Leaves the Int’l Criminal Court, Can the Court Still Investigate Past Crimes There?

Justice pénale internationale : (im)pressions africaines


Rousseau on Economic Liberty and Human Flourishing

Books & Reviews

Europe’s Ugly Future: Muddling Through Austerity

Can Vladimir Putin Make the Twenty-First Century a Russian Century?

Powerplay: The Origins of the American Alliance System in Asia by Victor D. Cha

China: The Virtues of the Awful Convulsion

Review – The Right in Latin America

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