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Weekly International
Press Brief

18 - 22 : VII : 2016

Turkey’s Attempted Coup

The geopolitics of Turkey’s failed coup

Turkey's Troubling Turn: Terrorism and Security After the Attempted Coup

How Erdogan Made Turkey Authoritarian Again

Security in the Eastern Mediterranean after the Coup Attempt: Turkey’s Reckoning and Washington’s Worries

Arch of Crisis

Closing Loopholes in the Proposed U.S.-Russian Agreement on Syria

Does Iraq Have a Plan for After the Islamic State?

Donbas and the Democracy Dilemma in De Facto States

NATO in Libya: A Long-Term Plan for Stability

The EU, Morocco, and the Western Sahara: A Chance for Justice


The Islamic State Threat in the Golan Heights

Expertise in Countering Urban Street Gangs Can be used to Fight Jihadists

Pakistani Militants and the State: Friends, Foes, and Frenemies

ISIS: The Cornered Beast

South China Sea Ruling

South China Sea Ruling: A Boost for Cross-Strait Relations?

Will There Now Be Peace in the South China Sea?

Judgement Day: The South China Sea Tribunal Issues its Ruling

The South China Sea ruling and China’s grand strategy


Procedural Steps toward Brexit

The difficulties of defining EU-UK economic relations


The World Nuclear Industry

A New Agenda on Non-Proliferation

How to Deal with North Korea: Lessons from the JCPOA

Before moving to "no first use," think about Northeast Asia

One Year Post-JCPOA, Not Post-Sanctions


A newly confident and audacious Germany


Foreign Policy at the Conventions

Avoiding Becoming a Paper Tiger: Presence in a Warfighting Defense Strategy

US Foreign Policy after the 2016 Elections: Presidential Contenders’ Opposing Concepts and Domestic Political Dynamics

Trump's Vice President : Attempting to heal the Republican rift


China’s Nuclear Forces and Weapons of Mass Destruction

‘New Wars’ in Contemporary China?


Fellow submarines

What Prompted Erdogan to Come to Terms with Putin? What Will be the Consequences?

European Union

The EU Global Strategy and Defense: Ambitious but Credible?

The World According To Europe's Insurgent Parties: Putin, Migration And People Power

La UE y la amenaza al Estado de Derecho en Polonia

After the EUGS: connecting the dots

Italy’s bail-in headache

Middle East

The Arab Common Market: Fighters, Weapons, Ideologies

China in the Middle East: Not just about oil

The New Normal in the Middle East

Lebanon's Fragile Stability

Latin America

China: a partner for the development of Latin America?


Kyrgyzstan at Twenty-Five: Treading Water

Will the Japanese Change Their Constitution?

The Philippines: Renewing Prospects for Peace in Mindanao


La République démocratique du Congo: de la fin de règne au règne sans fin ?

Governance, Accountability, and Security in Nigeria

Armed Groups in Mali: Beyond the Labels

To Guarantee Peace in South Sudan, Truth and Reconciliation is the Way Forward


OTAN y UE: finalmente pareja de hecho

Can NATO’s New Very High Readiness Joint Task Force Deter?

Transatlantic Relations and The Future of NATO Post Brexit

The Warsaw Summit: NATO Examines Itself, Again

Climate Change

Paris Climate Agreement Brings New Types of Stranded Asset Risks


Three Emergent Migrations: An Epochal Change

Books & Reviews

Understanding Institutions: The Science and Philosophy of Living Together [introduction]

Foreign Policy: Thinking Outside the Box [Introduction]

A Stark Nuclear Warning

Against Elections: The Case for Democracy by David Van Reybrouck – review

Review article: Three perspectives on Chinese diplomacy: government, think-tanks and academia


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