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Weekly International
Press Brief
15 - 20 : II : 2021


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Weekly International
Press Brief
30 : XI - 04 : XII : 2020


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Weekly International
Press Brief
23 - 27 : XI : 2020


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Weekly International
Press Brief
16 - 20 : XI : 2020


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Weekly International
Press Brief
09 - 13 : XI : 2020 


US Polarization

Postelection Forecast: More Polarization Ahead

America is exceptional in the nature of its political divide

Transatlantic Relations

European Offers America Can't Refuse

Transatlantic Economic Cooperation After Trump

Europe and Biden’s America: Making European Autonomy and a Revamped Transatlantic Bond Two Sides of the Same Coin

Peace at Nagorno-Karabakh

Haut-Karabakh – premières leçons d’une paix russo-turque

Getting from Ceasefire to Peace in Nagorno-Karabakh

A Precarious Peace for Karabakh

Cabo Delgado

Cabo Delgado and the Rise of Militant Islam: Another Niger Delta in the Making?

Did Frelimo create “Al Shabaab”? An analysis of the 15 October 2019 elections from Cabo Delgado

The “Central African” Jihad: Islamism and Nation-Building in Mozambique and Uganda

Ethiopia’s Conflict

Tigray: How Ethiopia reached this crisis point and how it could get out

Ethiopia’s Dangerous Slide Toward Civil War

Threats to Ethiopia’s Fragile Democratic Transition

Ethiopia: Escalating Strife with Tigray May Lead to War


France’s War in the Sahel and the Evolution of Counter-Insurgency Doctrine

Strategic Missteps: Learning From a Failed EU Sahel Strategy

Myanmar’s Election

Another Landslide Victory for Aung San Suu Kyi’s Party in Myanmar – But at What Cost?

Élections en Birmanie: et maintenant?


How Jihadi Terrorism Has Changed in France Since the 2015 Attacks

Terrorism In France: New And Old Trends In Jihadism

Great Powers

For the US and China, There’s No Going Back

A Crisis of Diverging Perspectives: U.S.-Russian Relations and the Security Dilemma


America’s Democracy Demotion

Biden and the World: Global Perspectives on the U.S. Presidential Election

Exit poll compilation


Xi steers China towards economic and technological self-reliance

Chine: le succès, et l’ivresse

A Strong but Frustrated China Poses a Special Kind of Danger

Leading by example: Two different responses to China’s rise


The Geopoliticization of Russian Politics

Russia’s New and Old Political Opposition

El método Putin de Bielorrusia a Venezuela

Moscow’s New Rules

European Union

Europe after the Coronavirus: A "Return of the State"?

From Brussels with love: How the European Union can win the battle of narratives

The EU’s Strategic Compass And Its Four Baskets

El euro como herramienta de la soberanía económica europea

Middle East

Guns And Governance: How Europe Should Talk With Non-State Armed Groups In The Middle East

A Pyramid of Multilateral Confidence-Building Measures in the Middle East

The Hariri Brothers and the Future of Lebanese Politics

Turning the Tide: How Turkey Won the War for Tripoli

Assessing control and power dynamics in Syria: De facto authorities and state institutions 

Latin America

What Just Happened in Peru? Understanding Vizcarra’s Sudden Impeachment

Peru’s Multidimensional Challenge – Part 1: The Political Crisis

A Peaceful Democratic Transition in Venezuela

¿Cuatro cogobiernos de Sudamérica?


The significance of a growing India-Philippines strategic partnership

Faltering prospects for peace in Pakistan’s newly merged Pashtun ‘tribal’ districts

The Mystery of Taiwan


Emmanuel Macron’s “New Way”: Setting the Course for Re-election in 2022

Misrule of law: Ukraine’s constitutional crisis


Lessons from Mali as Burkina and Niger head for the polls

Gambia’s truth commission

Humanitarian Impacts of Sudan’s Removal from the State Sponsors of Terrorism List

Dialogue is no easy answer for Côte d’Ivoire

Religion & Politics

Riesgos del supremacismo católico: Polonia y EEUU

Religion vs. Secularism in Contemporary World Politics


An Agenda for NATO’s Next Generation

NATO’s response to covid-19: lessons for resilience and readiness


Out of View, Autocrats Are Busy

Books & Reviews

Peace, Love, and Conflict [excerpt]

One Country, Two Systems, No Future: The End of Hong Kong as We Know It

Russia’s ‘Neo-Imperialism’ Is a Product of Complex Factors

“Adrift: How Our World Lost Its Way” by Amin Maalouf

Mythes et réalités de la transition démocratique en Espagne


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Weekly International
Press Brief
19 - 23 : X : 2020 


US Election

The Election That Could Break America

Trump or Biden Can Still Fix Foreign Policy

Too Much to Lose: Steering the U.S. Away from Election-Related Violence

Large Shares of Voters Plan To Vote a Straight Party Ticket for President, Senate and House

Chile’s Referendum

Chile y la Constitución: modelo neoliberal “contra las cuerdas”

Chile, dificultades en el gobierno de los tiempos mejores

Chile Can’t Wait Longer for a New Constitution


Breaching International Law Comes at a Price

Brexit and the Dismal Reality of “Take Back Control”

A Tale Of Batteries, Brexit and EU Strategic Autonomy

EU-China Relationship

The Problems of Reciprocity

EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment

Transatlantic Relationship

Europe Must Grow Up and Stop Moaning About Trump

The Consequences of a Trump or Biden Win for Transatlantic Trade

Trump ou Biden: Comment reconstruire la relation transatlantique ?

Eleições na Bolívia

>Bolivia's MAS Socialists Are Back. What's Next? 

Golpe electoral en Bolivia

Understanding Bolivia’s Election


The Women’s March of Belarus

What Belarusians Think About Their Country’s Crisis


A Time to Heal, A Time to Build

U.S. Foreign Policy Never Recovered From the War on Terror

Sleepwalking Into World War III

Pivoting to Asia Doesn’t Get You Out of the Middle East


Taiwan Opinion Polling on Unification with China

Xi’s world: Covid has accelerated China’s rise

Prospects of a Hydrogen Economy with Chinese Characteristics

China’s 17+1 initiative stalls amid security concerns and broken promises


Russians Don’t Back Down

Emulation and Military Change in Russia

Navalny poisoning sanctions: the fate of the six

Russia's Lost War

European Union

De Venus a Jano: la UE y el desorden internacional

Defending Europe’s Economic Sovereignty: new ways to resist economic coercion

L’arrêt de la Cour de Karlsruhe : un coup de tonnerre dans un ciel serein ?

North America

Morena: lecturas de la disputa por su dirigencia

This Isn’t the Path to Solving Mexico’s Inequality

Middle East

Moving Past Libya’s Failures

What Would Happen If Israel and Saudi Arabia Established Official Relations?

Back into the Shadows? The Future of Kata'ib Hezbollah and Iran's Other Proxies in Iraq

The Unintended Consequences of Turkey’s Quest for Oil

The Syrian Mercenaries Fighting Foreign Wars for Russia and Turkey


Majority Rules in Myanmar’s Second Democratic Election

Domestic Politics in Southeast Asia and Local Backlash against the Belt and Road Initiative

Thailand: Protests and political headwinds amidst a pandemic

Measuring Shinzo Abe’s Impact on the Indo-Pacific

India and the Quad: Future Directions and International Relations Theory


Cabo Delgado and the Rise of Militant Islam: Another Niger Delta in the Making?

The New Idea of Africa in the Context of COVID-19

Six questions qui façonnent l’élection présidentielle en Côte d’Ivoire

Cellou Dalein Diallo ou Alpha Condé : la Guinée dans une dangereuse incertitude

Why can’t the AU seem to deter coups?

Climate Change

Climate Change As An Unconventional Security Risk

Climate policy, environmental justice, and local air pollution


2020 Asia Power Index


Year 30: Germany’s Second Chance

Books & Reviews

Religious Identity in US Politics [introduction]

Democracy in Peril?

Losing Ground: The crisis of the two-party system.

Burke’s Defense of Natural Rights and the Limits of Political Power

Conflict Central


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Weekly International
Press Brief
12 - 16 : X : 2020 



The 2nd Nagorno-Karabakh War, 2 Weeks in

Tipping Point in the Karabakh Crisis: What Next?

The Nagorno-Karabakh conflict: Increasingly deadly and destabilising

Thailand Protests’

Thai Protests Focus More Explicitly on the Monarchy

As Thailand’s Protests Gather Momentum, What is the Endgame?

Bolivia’s Election

Bolivia Has Changed Since 2003. Has Carlos Mesa?

Will Bolivia’s Elections Usher in a New Wave of Socialism in Latin America?


The Scramble for Power in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan’s turmoil and the competition for Central Asia

Nigeria Protests

Police, Protest Power, and Nigeria's Young Democrats

Why #EndSARS won’t quit

Conary Election

Guinea Elections and the Third Presidential Term Syndrome

In Conakry


El Estado Islámico en África: radiografía de un grupo en expansiónv

HTS Leader al-Julani’s New Strategy in Northwestern Syria


Deep Divisions in Views of the Election Process – and Whether It Will Be Clear Who Won

US foreign policy priorities: What difference can an election make?

Homeland Threat Assessment

America should stay in Afghanistan until an intra-Afghan deal is reached — not forever


Sinology and China's Rise

What Did the Chinese FM’s Tour of Southeast Asia Achieve?

How Milk Tea Became an Anti-China Symbol

Can 'Dual Circulation' Reverse China's Slowdown?


New Russia Sanctions Are a Call to Action for Kremlin Doves

In Search of a Solution to Russia’s Strategic Problem

Germany to Complete Nord Stream 2 Despite US Pressure

European Union

Washington Should Push For A Stronger E.U. Foreign Policy

EU peace mediation in the 2020s: From intervention to investment

Rule of law and the Next Generation EU recovery

Middle East

Jordan’s Endless Transition

Can Another Shaky Truce in Libya Actually Hold?

L'éviction de l'Europe du Moyen-Orient

Iraq One Year After its Seismic Protests Began

Latin America

A Less Apocalyptic Case For Latin America

How Lava Jato Died – And What Comes Next

> Mancuso: el fantasma de la Colombia pasada


Beyond the Military Domain: A Potential Role for the Quad in South Asia

Competition Among Ports in the Caspian Sea and the Significance of the Port of Baku

Sino-Indian Competition in the Indian Ocean Region intensifies

Short-term nuclear stability on the Korean Peninsula


Keeping West Papua on the agenda

New Zealand’s corona-shaped election

Australia's Security and the Rules–Based Order


The Obstacles to Sudan’s Landmark Peace Deal

The myth of South African nationality

African agency and Chinese power: The case of Djibouti

Transatlantic Relations

Together or Alone? Choices and Strategies for Transatlantic Relations for 2021 and Beyond

What Should Europe Expect From American Trade Policy After The Election?

Reviving transatlantic relations after Trump


NATO 20/2020: Twenty bold ideas to reimagine the Alliance after the 2020 US election

A renewed collective defense bargain? NATO in COVID’s shadow

Global Health

Taking Pandemic Preparedness Seriously: Lessons from COVID-19

Upholding the World Health Organization

Planning For Pandemics: Learning From The 2004–05 Avian Influenza Outbreak In Vietnam

Global Economy

2021: The crucial year for social order-global order transformational changes

China Is Now the World’s Largest Economy. We Shouldn’t Be Shocked.


Global Report on Internal Displacement 2020


The Afterlife of Empire

Books & Reviews

How Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Solidified his Power [adapted essay]

Progressive politics in Thailand’s polarised polity

The Oligarchs’ Revenge

Historia y futuro de la globalización

Mémoires et archives de la Révolution française


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Weekly International
Press Brief
28 : IX - 02 : X : 2020 


US Presidential Election

First US Presidential Debate – Five Key Questions Answered

Large-scale political unrest is unlikely, but not impossible

A Foreign Policy for the Day After Trump

Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

A hill here, a village there: Nagorno-Karabakh and the salami-slicing wars

> Is Peace Possible Between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

Armenia-Azerbaijan War: Military Dimensions of the Conflict

Belarus Protests

The Making of a Revolution

Planning for Belarus After Lukashenko

How a Dictator Became Vulnerable


Finding Britain’s role in a changing world: Protecting the UK’s ability to defend its value

Le drame du Brexit n’est pas encore terminé

A Terrible Border Is Reborn? Ireland And A No-Deal Brexit

Sri Lanka

Political Upheaval in Sri Lanka

No Accountability for War Crimes in Sri Lanka

European Migration Pact

Uncertain solidarity: Why Europe’s new migration pact could fall apart

Perceiving Migration Crises: A View from the European Neighbourhood                                                                                       

Malta, Italy, and Mediterranean Migration

Deciphering the European Union’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum

Eastern Mediterranean Tensions

How to Defuse Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean

European Foreign Policy Is Drowning in the Mediterranean

30 years of german reunification

Since reunification, Germany has had its best 30 years. The next 30 will be harder

Germany's Reunification, Thirty Years Later

Gorbachev Was Right About German Reunification


Incompatible Bedfellows: UN Peace Operations and Counterterrorism

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Factions Reunited for ‘Holy War’ Against Islamabad

Making The U.S. Military’s Counter-Terrorism Mission Sustainable


L’état C’est Trump

Le renouveau du secteur nucléaire aux États-Unis. De "Make America Great Again" à l’"Energy Dominance"

> Nuclear War with North Korea Shouldn’t Be an Option

The United States in Russia’s Public Opinion and Contemporary Political Thought


The Unfinished Chinese Civil War

People's Liberation Army Operational Concepts

There Never Was a Cold War China


Russia’s nuclear doctrine moves the focus from non-Western threats

Moscow's Perspective: The West Is Responsible for Navalny’s Poisoning

European Union

Europe’s double bind

Europe’s Global Test

The EU must overhaul its farming policy to save the Green Deal

A proposal for a public infrastructure leasing entity for Europe

Une Union toujours plus géopolitique ?

Middle East

How Palestinians agreed on elections

A Pit(i)less Blame Game at the Beirut Port of Institutional Corruption

Middle East and North Africa: Terrorism and Conflicts

Another Invasion of Kuwait

Qatar’s Looming Decisions on LNG Expansion

Latin America

What Went Right (and Wrong) in Latin America’s Anti-Corruption Fight?

Bolivia: ¿vuelve el MAS al poder?

What Venezuela’s Henrique Capriles Really Wants

Washington’s ‘Blind Eye’ Toward Human Rights Abuses in Latin America


Southeast Asia is Rushing Headlong Toward an ‘Asian Fall’

What a China+1 Policy Might Look Like for Japan?

Reimagining India’s Engagement with BIMSTEC

Winning Strategic Competition in the Indo-Pacific

The lull before the storm: the worst may be yet to come in the Korean Peninsula


Australia must demand answers on Asian Development Bank funding in Papua New Guinea

The Australia–India Strategic Partnership: Accelerating Security Cooperation In The Indo–Pacific


Safeguarding Democracy in West Africa

Nigeria at 60

Covid-19 and Africa’s Recession: How Bad Can It Get?

Three African Countries Brace for Potential Election Turmoil

In the shadow of a liberation war


Arctic Matters: Sino-Russian Dynamics

Phantom Peril in the Arctic


Why Europe Wins

Books & Reviews

A World Safe for Democracy: Liberal Internationalism and the Crises of Global Order [excerto]

‘Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times,’ by David S. Reynolds: An Excerpt

Rethinking the Liberal World Order

Horizontes de ‘democradura’

Our Most Vulnerable Election


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