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José Félix Ribeiro

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PhD in Political Science and International Relations from FSCH-UNL, graduated in Economics from ISCEF. Held positions at the Basic Studies Office of Industrial Economics (GEBEI) from 1975 to 1987, conducting various studies on the international specialization of the Portuguese economy and input-output analysis. Was responsible for the Planning Service of the National Board for Scientific and Technological Research. Collaborated with the Secretary of State for Planning on studies of international economic evolution. Integrated the Department of Prospective and Planning (DPP), serving as deputy director general with responsibility for Prospective and International Information areas. Collaborated with the INA as a trainer in European Policies and later in Prospective, and with the IDN, having lectured at the National Defense Courses. Was awarded the honorable mention of the Admiral Teixeira da Mota Prize 2014. Has an extensive list of publications in the areas of International Economics and Geopolitics, Prospective, and Development Strategies.

Recent Publications:

1. Ribeiro, J. F. (2017). "A Globalização , mas não a que conhecemos" "O Economista" - Anuário da Ordem dos Economistas.

2. Ribeiro, J. F. (2015). "A Alemanha , o Euro e a Turbulência Europeia" "O Economista" - Anuário da Ordem dos Economistas.

3. Ribeiro, J. F. (2013). "O Reposicionamento da China: Geoeconomia, Geopolítica e Estratégia" Revista "Relações Internacionais" IPRI Instituto Português de Relações Internacionais.


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