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Rui Branco

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With a PhD from the European University Institute (Florence), Rui is Associate Professor with Habilitation at NOVA University of Lisbon, where he teaches at the Department of Political Studies, Faculty of Social and Human Sciences. He sits at IPRI-NOVA's Board of Directors and Executive Council. His research has focused on social protection and labor market policies, 
comparative state formation, democratization and social protection. He has worked on civil society and democratization, fiscal welfare and inequality, and labour market reforms during the crisis. He edited, with M. Bernhard and T. Fernandes, the special issue «Civil Society, Democracy, and Inequality: Cross-Regional Comparisons (1970s-2015)» (Comparative Politics, 2017); co-authored with D. Cardoso «Liberalized Dualization. Labour Market Reforms and the Crisis in Portugal: a New Departure» (European Journal of Social Security, 2018), with E. Costa «The Golden Age of Fiscal Welfare: Tax Expenditures and Inequality in Portugal (1989-2011)» (New Political Economy, 2019), and with A. Guillén, S. Sacchi & D. Balbona «Here to Stay? Reversals of Structural Reforms in Southern Europe as the Crisis Wanes» (South European Society and Politics, 2019). He also co-edited with T. Fernandes the book 45 Anos de Democracia em Portugal (Assembleia da República, 2020), where he published the chapter «Estado-Providência e Democracia Igualitária: Portugal e a Europa do Sul»

Research Fields:

Government (comparative and historical perspective).
Welfare State, Social and Fiscal Policy.
State and civil society.
Quality and inequality of democracy.

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