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Mohsen Ghasemi

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Born in Dezful, Iran. He has been completing his doctoral studies at the University of Nova in Lisbon since 2016. I research the role of public diplomacy in Iran's foreign policy. In addition to this specialty, I study the relations between Iran and Portuguese-speaking countries as well, especially Portugal and Brazil. The new world in emerging block-chains with the advancement of theories of globalization has led to strategic changes that can transform international equations. Therefore, research on globalization and soft power, as well as Neo-realism, will be essential for analysts.

Áreas de Investigação:

Development of the Middle East/West Asia.
Relations between Iran and Portugal (the Portuguese-speaking world).

Publicações Recentes:

1. Ghasemi, M. (2019). The Position of Public Diplomacy and Soft Power in the Islamic World On the horizon of 2035, Fundamental and Practical Studies of the Islamic- World, 1(1), pp. 81-100.

2. Ghasemi, M. (2020). 500 years of Iran-Portugal relations in case of: Portugal-Iran relations, a bridge between the past, present and future.

3. Ghasemi, M. (2021). The power triangle strategy in the Middle East after the Arab Spring.The Iberian Journal,

4. Ghasemi, M. (2021). Possible foreign policy of the new Iranian government. The site of Diario de Noticias Journal,


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