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Carlos Branco

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PhD candidate in International Relations, specialization in Security Studies and Strategy, at NOVA FCSH. The dissertation title is NATO Partnerships in the Post-Soviet Region. Are they creating Democracies and Promoting Conflict Prevention? The Explanatory Reach of International Relations Theory. Among other professional activities, he was: spokesperson of the Commandant of the NATO forces in Afghanistan and responsible for NATO Strategic Communications in the Afghan Theatre of Operations; United Nations Military Observer in the war of the former Yugoslavia; Desk officer of the United Nations (UN) missions in the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Iraq/Kuwait), in the Military Division of the DPKO, UN Secretariat, New York; Deputy director of the National Defence Institute, Lisbon; Director of the Cooperation and Regional Security Division, International Military Staff, NATO headquarters, Brussels; and Deputy Director of the Military University Institute.

He graduated: with a Master degree in Military Science from the Military Academy; the War College Course from the War College, and the High Level Course on Common Security and Defence Policy, from the European Defence and Security College (Brussels). Attended a MBA with specialization in International Management, at the Católica Business School; and has advanced Intelligence training in the United States (Fort Huachuca, Arizona).

Beyond that he: writes an opinion column in Jornal Económico; is author of two books and coedited four; published more than 70 scientific articles on military-technical themes, management, conflict resolution, security and defence.

Research Fields:

UN Peace Operations.
European Defence and Security Cooperation.
Conflict Resolution.
Post-Soviet space.
Strategic Communication.

Recent Publications:

1. «Navigating Through Unchartered Waters: Impact of ‘Brexit’ on the European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy – Who Loses and Who Wins?» 2016. in Nação & Defesa, N.º 144, pp. 177-197.
2. «A Defesa Europeia», in Viana, V., e Nunes, I., 2017. A Segurança Europeia, Instituto de Defesa Nacional. Coleção Atena, 2017, pp. 131-176.
3. «The Dismemberment of Yugoslavia», in Branco, C., Santos, H., e Saraiva, L., 2018. The Yugoslav Wars in the First Person. Testimonies of Portuguese Soldiers serving with the United Nations. Lisbon. Colibri. pp. 76.


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