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Marco Paulo Almeida de Rodrigues Gonçalves

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PhD Candidate
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Lieutenant-Colonel of the Republican National Guard; graduate and master in Military Sciences, by the Portuguese Military Academy; degree in Law, by the Autónoma University of Lisbon; Postgraduate degree in Law and Security, by the Faculty of Law at the NOVA (New) University of Lisbon; Postgraduate degree in Military Sciences – Security and Defense, by the Portuguese Joint Command and Staff College; Doctorate in International Relations, in the specialty Security Studies and Strategy, in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the NOVA (New) University of Lisbon. He holds the Joint Staff Course, NATO Legal Advisor, NATO Operational Law and is an Internal Security Auditor. He teaches Military Staff Techniques, Security Forces Operations and Information, Police Organization and Cooperation and Criminal Sciences, in the Department of Postgraduate Studies of the Portuguese Joint Command and Staff College; International Humanitarian Law and Administrative Law, at the Portuguese Military Academy; International Security Law and Military Law, in the Masters in Law and Security of the Faculty of Law at the (NOVA) New University of Lisbon.

Research Fields:

International Relations.
International Law.
International Humanitarian Law.
Law and Security.
Military Science.

Recent Publications:

1. Amador, P.A.B.F, Corrêa, G.C, Bastos, A.J.M.E, Gonçalves, M.P.A.R, Inácio, R.J.G.S e Frescata, A.P.C, 2015. Breve Análise da Geopolítica do Chile. Rio de Janeiro. ECEME: Coleção Meira Mattos. Revista das Ciências Militares.

2. Gonçalves, M.P.A.R, 2014. A Defesa Nacional numa Sociedade de Risco Global. In: Barroso, L & Vieira, R. (Orgs.), 2014. Estudos Estratégicos. Lisboa. IESM: Coleção Ares.

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