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Daniel Cardoso

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Integrated researcher at IPRI-NOVA, he is an Associated Professor in the International Relations Department at Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, where he coordinates the BA program in International Relations. With a PhD in Political Science and International Relations from the Free University of Berlin, he was a post-doctoral researcher at IPRI-NOVA (2016-2019), Visiting Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (NOVA-FCSH) and at the Faculty of Economics, Universidade de Coimbra, and Visiting Researcher at Fudan University, Shanghai (2011-2012). His research interests focus on networked and multi-level international governance and foreign policy-making in Brazil, China and the European Union. His research has been published in various scientific journals such as Third World Quarterly, South European Society and Politics, Contexto Internacional and East Asia Journal.


Research Fields:

Foreign Policy

Recent Publications:

1. Mendes, Carmen Amado e Cardoso, Daniel (eds.) (2022), Narratives and Perceptions: Chinese Soft Power in the 21st Century. Lisboa: CCCM. Available at

2. Cardoso, Daniel (2022), “As organizações internacionais e o multilateralismo: vetores estratégicos da inserção externa portuguesa” in Anuário Janus 2022. Lisboa, OBSERVARE-UAL: pp. 150-151. Available at

3. Moury, Catherine; Ladi, Stella; Cardoso, Daniel; and Gago, Angie (2021), Capitalising on Constraint: Bailout politics in Eurozone countries. Manchester: Manchester University Press. Available at

4. Cardoso, Daniel (2021), “Política externa do governo Bolsonaro: continuidade e ruptura”, Anuário Janus. Lisboa: Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa, número 20. Available at

5. Cardoso, Daniel; Moury, Catherine; Costa, Ana Paula e Escada, Mafalda (2021), Governar para as próximas gerações: sucessos e fracassos das políticas de longo-prazo em Portugal (1995-2019). Coimbra: Almedina. Available at

6. Cardoso, Daniel (2020), “From Centralisation to Fragmentation and Back Again: the Role of Non-State Actors in Brazil’s Transformed Foreign Policy”, in Shahar Hameiri, Lee Jones e John Heathershaw (eds.), Rising Powers and State Transformation. Oxfordshire: Routledge. Available at

7. Branco, Rui e Cardoso, Daniel (2020), “The Politics of Change: Coalitional politics and labour market reforms during the sovereign debt crisis in Portugal”, Journal of Social Policy, 1-19. Available at

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