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Nuno Pereira de Magalhães

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Researcher at IPRI-NOVA; professor of International Relations at IE University, Madrid; co-founder and Main Observer at OPEN - National Foreign Policy Observatory; and associate of the Institute of National Defence of Portugal's Ministry of Defence. He specializes in International Relations theory and in international security (conflict management, international organizations of defence, and nuclear proliferation), and has a particular interest in security in Northeast Asia. Previously, he was a professor and researcher at HUFS, Korea University, Seoul National University, and Sogang University, in South Korea; a Japan Foundation Fellow at the University of Tokyo; a Taiwan Fellow at National Taiwan University; a research associate at Harvard University's Weatherhead Center for International Affairs; a teaching instructor for the MSt in International Relations at the University of Cambridge; and a visiting fellow at Columbia and Harvard universities. He also cooperated with the Ministery of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, at the Portuguese Mission to the United Nations and the General Direction of EU Affairs. He holds an MPhil and a PhD from the University of Cambridge.

Research Fields:

Theory of International Relations.
International Security (conflict management, defence international organizations, nuclear proliferation).
Security in Northeast Asia.

Recent Publications:

1. «The Driving Logic of Conflict Management», forthcoming.

2. «The Drivers of Conflict Management by the European Union», forthcoming.

3. «A Conceptual Framework of Power Distribution», forthcoming.

4. «Japan Defence 2021», Institute of Nacional Defence, forthcoming.

5. «The European Union, Conflict Management, and the Normative Illusion», Nação e Defesa, No. 155, 2020, pp. 9-36.

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