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Liliana Domingues Reis

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Liliana Domingues Reis holds a PhD in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Minho, a master's degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Universidade Católica Portuguesa and a degree in International Relations from Universidade do Minho. She is currently an assistant professor at the University of Beira Interior, where she held until recently the positions of director of the degree in Political Science and Relations and of the Master in International Relations. His academic interests include European Studies, Security and Defense, Human Rights, Global Governance and the Balkans. It was recently awarded with the honorable mention of the Medeiros Ferreira prize.

Research Fields:

European Union.
Security and Defence.
Human Rights.
Global Governance.

Recent Publications:

1. Reis, L. (2018). "Da Estratégia Europeia de Segurança à Estratégia Global de Segurança", in Maria Manuela Tavares Ribeiro; Isabel Maria Freitas Valente; Maria Fernanda Rollo; Alice Cunha (eds.) Citizenship, Politics, Security and Scientific Culture, pp. 189-220, ISBN: 978-972-8627-78-2.

2. Reis, L. (2017). A Construção do Ator Securitário Europeu: a Hora das Escolhas. Prefácio: Luís Filipe Lobo-Fernandes. Lisboa: Chiado Editora, ISBN: 978-989-52-1570-6.

3. Reis, L. (2017) "Public Private Partnership evolution in Kosovo: an approach to achieve the dream of being an European Union’s member" in Leitão, João; Sarmento, Elsa e Aleluia, João (eds). Handbook on PPPs in developing and emerging economies. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp. 335-359, ISBN: 978-1-78714-494-1.

4. Vaz, D. M.; Reis, L. (2017). "From city-states to global cities: the role of cities in global governance". JANUS.NET e-journal of International Relations, Vol. 8, Nº. 2, November 2017-April 2018., disponível em

5. Reis, L. (2017). "Intergovernamentalismo" In Enciclopédia da União Europeia, orgs. Camisão, Isabel, Brandão, Ana Paula, Coutinho, Francisco Pereira e Abreu, Joana Covelo., pp. 225-227, ISBN: 978-972-685-239-1.


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