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Carla Leão

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Research Fellow
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PhD in Political Sciences - Public Policies, from NOVA University, with the dissertation “Ageing and health in Portugal. Practices and challenges in a scenario of increasing elderly population. (1974 - 2031)”, financed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology. Assistant Professor at Atlântica University (Atlântica School of Health - ESSATLA), was Invited Assistant at NOVA FCSH's Department of Political Studies (2008-2017). Holds a PhD in Political Sciences - Public Policies. National Defense Adviser by the Institute of National Defense, with the final research work "Population Ageing and Health. Challenge for Health Safety in Portugal". 
Master degree in Political Sciences and International Relations - Globalization and Environment at NOVA University, with the dissertation “Mobility of the physiotherapist in the European Union. The Portuguese case”. 

Research Fields:

Health policy
Health security
Demography - Ageing
Migration (Highly qualified - Brain Drain)
Human Ecology

Recent Publications:

1. LEÃO, Carla; RODRIGUES, Teresa, 2016, “State and Health (1900 - 2013). Political stability and resources”, Hygiea Internationalis. 
2. LEÃO, Carla; RODRIGUES, Teresa, 2014, Health in Portugal: actors and temporalities in RODRIGUES, Teresa Ferreira; MARTINS, Maria do Rosário Oliveira (Editors), 2014, Portugal 2031 Ageing and Health Policies. From demographic changes to political options. CEPESE/Instituto Hidrográfico.
3. RODRIGUES, Teresa; LEÃO, Carla, 2014, A saúde em Portugal: atores e temporalidades in RODRIGUES, Teresa Ferreira; MARTINS, Maria do Rosário Oliveira (Coordenadores), 2014, Envelhecimento e Saúde Prioridades Políticas num Portugal em Mudança. CEPESE/Instituto Hidrográfico.
4. LEÃO, Carla, 2012 “Envelhecimento Demográfico e Saúde. Desafio para a Segurança Sanitária em Portugal”, Working Paper, CEPESE.
5. LEÃO, Carla, 2009, “Mobilidade do Fisioterapeuta na União Europeia. O Caso Português. Síntese”. Working paper CEPESE.

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