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Luísa Godinho

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PhD in Economics and Social Sciences, at Université de Genève, Switzerland, DEA in Political Science at the same university (both as a FCT fellow) and a degree in Communication Studies, at the University of Lisbon. She works in the field of Political Communication, having a particular interest for the relation between discourse and ideology and, more recently, for the impact that the widespread access to the world wide web has produced on the political system. She is the Head of the Communication Studies Department of the Autonomous University of Lisbon and of its scientific commission. She is a Lecturer of the License and the Master in Communication Studies and in International Relations.

Research Fields:

Ideology analysis.
Digital Communication and the State.
Political Discourse.
Computational Methods for the Social Sciences.

Recent Publications:

1. “Godinho, L. (2016). Posicionamento político e articulação discursiva: uma análise do discurso europeu do Partido Comunista Português. Sociologia: Problemas e Práticas. (in press)
2. Godinho, L. e Teixeira, N. (2016). National Image in the Age of Mass Self-Communication: An Analysis of Internet Users' Perception of Portugal". International Science Index, vol: 9 no: 6.
3. Teixeira, N. e Godinho, L. (2014). Uma abordagem cognitiva da imagem externa portuguesa in Artes e Discursos - dos factos aos relatos construídos por estrangeiros acerca de Portugal. Atas do Congresso Internacional «Artes e Discursos - dos factos aos relatos construídos por estrangeiros acerca de Portugal». FCSH - UNL.
4.Godinho, L. (2013). Principes d’acceptabilité et refus idéologique dans un système concurrentiel de partis: le cas du Parti Communiste Portugais et son discours européen. Genève: UNIGE - SES.

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