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Maria João Valente Rosa

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PhD in Sociology – Demography (1993), by NOVA FCSH, Maria João is Assistant 
Professor at the Department of Sociology at NOVA FCSH since 1993.

From 2009 to 2019, she has coordinated the PORDATA, a Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation (FFMS) project, which provides a public online database about several areas of society. She was also the scientific coordinator of the Population research area of the FFMS. She also had several top responsibilities in public service, namely as a producer of statistics about Science and Education and collaborated with different international organizations, such as European Commission, EUROSTAT and OECD.

Member of the Portuguese Statistical Council (CSE), as a personality of recognized scientific merit and independence, and member of the executive board of the European Statistical Advisory Committee (ESAC).

Author and co-author of numerous publications on ageing, contemporary portuguese society and statistical literacy. The most recent publications as author include: The Age of No Age (Tinta-da-China, 2020), «Demografia de Portugal até 2030» (Cadernos de Economia, 2019) Que número é este? um guia sobre estatísticas para jornalistas (Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation, 2017); «Envelhecimento demográfico e desenvolvimento social» (Ética Aplicada: Protecção Social. Edições 70 – Grupo Almedina, 2017 ); Os Reformados e os Tempos Livres (Inatel/Formedia, 2015) .

Research Areas:

Population ageing and social impacts.
Demographic issues of international migrations.
Fertility social drivers.
Population Projections.
Literacy in Statistics.

Recent Publications:

1. 2020 - The Age of no age: An essay on the ageing population. Lisbon: Tinta-da-China.
2. 2020 - «Demographic ageing in COVID-19 Phase». In Medicina Interna.
3. 2019 - «Envelhecimento demográfico: síntese do panorama em Portugal». In Desafios demográficos: o envelhecimento, Conselho Económico e Social, ed. Almedina, pp. 19-29 (no prelo).
4. 2019 - «Demografia de Portugal até 2030». In Cadernos de Economia nº 127, Polimeios e Ordem dos Economistas Portugueses, Abril/Junho, pp. 42-44.
5. 2019 - Portugal: os números (em colab.), colecção de ensaios Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, 2010.

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