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Catherine Moury

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Associate Professor with Habilitation at NOVA FCSH, Catherine's research focuses on institutional change in the European Union and on comparative policy-making, about which she has published in journals such as European Journal of Public Policy, West European Politics and Party Politics. She is the author of ‘Coalition Government and Party Mandate: How coalition agreements constrain ministerial action’ (Routledge, 2013) and ‘Changing rules of delegation: A contest of Power for comitology’ (with A. Héritier, C. Bisschoff e C-F. Bergström, Oxford University Press, 2013). Her article ‘Explaining the European Parliament’s Right to Appoint and Invest the Commission: Interstitial institutional change’, published in West European Politics in 2007, has been awarded the Vincent Wright Memorial Prize and the Gulbenkian Prize for the internationalization of Social Science.

Research Fields:

European Union.
Parliamentary Opposition.
Coalition governance.

Recent Publications:

1. De Giorgi, E. and Moury, C., (2015), ‘Conflict and consensus in Parliament during the Economic crisis’, The Journal of Legislative Studies, n. 21:1.
2. Héritier, C., Moury C., Bisschoff, C. and Bergstrom C-F., (2013), Changing rules of delegation: A contest of Power for comitology, Oxford University Press.
3. Moury, C. (2013), Coalition Governments and Party Mandate: How do coalition agreements constrain ministerial action, Routledge.
4. Moury, C. and Héritier, A. (2013), ‘Shifting competence and changing preferences: the case of delegation to comitology’, Journal of European Public Policy, 20:1.
5. Moury, C. (2011), ‘Coalition agreement and party mandate: How coalition agreement constrain the ministers’, Party Politics, 17:3.

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