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Daniel Marcos

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Integrated researcher at IPRI-NOVA, holds a PhD in Modern and Contemporary History, with Specialization in History of International Relations in the Contemporary Period, by ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (2011). Post-Doctoral Researcher at IPRI-NOVA, develops research on Portugal's Participation in NATO between 1949 and 1976 (funded by the FCT). Invited Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, NOVA University of Lisbon, he is a member of the IPRI-NOVA research team for the project “Towards an Atlantic area? Mapping trends, perspectives and interregional dynamics amongst Europe, Africa and the Americas”, funded by the 7th Community Support Framework of the European Union.

Research Fields:

Contemporary International History.
Cold War History.
Transatlantic Relations.
Portuguese Foreign Policy.
Area Studies.

Recent Publications:

1. Marcos, Daniel, “Between the Atlantic and the Empire: NATO as a framework for US-Portuguese relations in early Cold War (1949-1957)”, Journal of Transatlantic Studies, 12(3):2014, 324-341.
2. Marcos, Daniel e Fonseca, Ana Monica, "Portugal, a RFA e a França: o Apoio Internacional e a Questão colonial Portuguesa" in Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira e Pinto, António Costa (org.), Portugal e o Fim do Colonialismo. Dimensões Internacionais, Lisboa: Edições 70, 2014, pp. 111-133.
3. Marcos, Daniel, “A NATO e o Corpo de Estado Maior: Implicações para a Instrução dos Oficiais”, Ler História, 2013:65, pp. 9-24.
4. Marcos, Daniel, “Portugal e a Evolução da NATO no início da década de 1950” in Portugal e as Organizações Internacionais: Comportamentos, Mensagens e Impactos, Lisboa, Observatório Político [Coleção de Estudos Políticos], Fonte da Palavra, 2013, pp. 129-149.
5. Marcos, Daniel, Salazar e de Gaulle: a França e a Questão Colonial Portuguesa (1958-1968) (Lisboa: Instituto Diplomático, 2007), 254 pp.

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