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Catarina Mendes Leal

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Integrated Researcher
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PhD in Political Science and International Relations, a Master in Public Management, 2 postgraduate degrees - in European Studies and other in Advanced Studies in Public Administration and a Degree in International Relations. It is also a National Defence Auditor and a National Foreign Policy Auditor. Attended foresight courses as well as courses in the security and defence area (NATO School in Rome, at the George Marshall Centre and NATO School, Garmish). Is Responsible for International Relations Office of the Economic and Food safety Authority (ASAE), former Advisor of the General Directorate of National Defence Policy and guest lecturer at several Universities and institutions. Awarded with the Jacques Delors 2016 Prize, with the honorable mention of the 2014 of Almirante Teixeira da Mota Prize and the National Defense Prize 2010. It’s author of several books, articles and a participant in research projects.

Research Fields:
Economic Diplomacy.

Recent Publications:

1. LEAL, Catarina Mendes; Ribeiro, J. Félix, Segurança Energética Europeia, o Novo Papel do Atlântico e do Espaço Lusófono – Caminhos Possíveis, Lisboa: Princípia, 2017.

2. LEAL, Catarina Mendes, "Desafios da Internacionalização da Economia Portuguesa - Papel da diplomacia Económica", In Internacionalização da Economia Portuguesa - Casos de Sucesso Empresarial, Coord. Nuno Crespo, Maria João Tomás, Lisboa: Temas e Debates – Círculo de Leitores, 2017, pp.-257-290. 

3. LEAL, Catarina Mendes, “Os Riscos e Oportunidades das Bacias do Norte de África e da África Ocidental no abastecimento a Portugal”, In R.I. Segurança Energética, n.º2, Lisboa: Instituto Português de Relações Internacionais (IPRI), 2015.

4. LEAL, Catarina Mendes, "Energy Security – Concepts, Shifting Energy Landscape and Main Players in the 21st Century", In Globalization and International Security – an Overview, Coord. Rafael Garcia Pérez, Susana de S. Ferreira & Teresa Rodrigues, Nova Iorque: Nova Science Publishers, 2015, pp. 147-166.

5. LEAL, Catarina Mendes, A Política Externa Norte-Americana - Principais Marcos, Principais Doutrinas, Lisboa: Tribuna da História, 2013.

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