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Pedro Camacho

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Research Associate of the IPRI-NOVA. Editor-in-chief of the scientific journal "Análise Europeia - Journal of the Portuguese Association of European Studies". He is graduated in European Studies from the University of Lisbon and he has a Master's degree in Political Science and International Relations from NOVA University of Lisbon, with a dissertation on energy relations between the European Union and Russia (2000-2015). As a founding member of the Portuguese Association of European Studies, he has organized several conferences and participated in various initiatives related to youth, European politics and citizenship and globalization.

Research Fields:

European Union.
Energy Security.
International Relations.

Recent Publications:

1. Camacho, Pedro (2017). “A Relação Energética UE-Rússia e a Opção Atlântica”. IDN Cadernos. N.º 25, pp. 205-228. [online]

2. Camacho, Pedro (2017). “A estrutura organizacional do Diálogo Energético UE-Rússia: Uma arquitetura eficaz?”. Análise Europeia – Revista da Associação Portuguesa de Estudos Europeus. Vol. 2, n.º 3, pp. 18-55. [online]

3. Camacho, Pedro (2017). “Perfil energético da Rússia.” WP Series - A Geopolítica do Gás e o Futuro da relação Euro-Russa, n.º 4. 31 de maio de 2017. [online]

4. Camacho, Pedro e Rodrigues, Teresa (2017). “A agenda energética UE-Rússia: uma relação de interdependência. WP Series - A Geopolítica do Gás e o Futuro da relação Euro-Russa, n.º 2. 28 de fevereiro de 2017. [online]
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