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Diana Soller

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Researcher at IPRI-NOVA and a PhD Candidate on International Studies and Political Science at the University of Miami, where she wrote the thesis “The Democratic West and the Democratic Rest: Searching for the New Liberal International Order”. During her years at the University of Miami, where she was a Fulbright Scholar, she spent some time in Fundação Getúlio Vargas (Rio de Janeiro) and the Observer Research Foundation (New Delhi) as a research fellow in 2014. Before leaving Portugal for the PhD, she was a study advisor at the National Defense Institute (Ministry of Defense) (2005-2010) and a Research Assistant at IPRI-NOVA. She kept working with IPRI during her years of absence. She published in academic journals, the Portuguese Press, and she is preparing her dissertation for publication.

Research Fields:

International System.
International Order.
Theory of International Relations.
Foreign Policy of Democratic States (case studies: Unite States, India, Brazil and Japan).

Recent Publications:

1. Soller, Diana (2016), “Retraímento ou Acomodação: a Herança de Barack Obama para as Potências Emergentes e a Ordem Internacional” in Relações Internacioais, Setembro 2016.
2. Soller, Diana (2016), “When Different Democracies Collide: India and the United States, Competing Visions of the International Order?” in Nação e Defesa, No. 142, pp. 28-55.
3. Soller, Diana (2015), “Economic Growth and the Role of India in The Global Energy Security Systems: Challenges Ahead” in The Impact of Emerging Economies On Global Energy and Environment, Bagley, Bruce; Kassab, Hanna and Moulikova, Dian (eds), New York: pp.121-146.
4. Soller, Diana (2014), “A Emergência da “Índia e a Ordem Liberal Americana: Notas sobre Desafios Futuros”, in Relações Internacionais, No. 44, pp. 17-23.

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