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ProjectEURO-ATLANTIC: The European and Atlantic dimensions of Portugal and Iceland’s foreign policies

Funding sourceEEA Grants Portugal and NOVA FCSH

Participating Institutions: IPRI-NOVA and Centre for Small State Studies–IIA

Timeframe: January 2021 - September 2022

Abstract: EURO-ATLANTIC aims to address the factors that drive, or retract, a country's membership of regional or international organizations, and analyzes the trajectories of Portugal and Iceland in terms of membership of certain international organizations and the impact on the respective foreign policies of these States. In addition, it also examines bilateral relations with other world players, namely Africa and Brazil, in the case of Portugal, and the Nordic States and China, in the case of Iceland.

Team members:
Alice Cunha (researcher in charge of the project) 

Baldur Thorhallsson (co-PI)
Nuno Severiano Teixeira
Pia Hansen
Auður Birna Stefánsdóttir
António Raimundo
Skafti Ingimarsson
Snæfríður Grímsdóttir Michaelsen

Seminars  "Small States and Big Powers: Portugal and Iceland´s Foreign Relations"
October 2021, Portugal
August 2022, Islândia



Project EURO-ATLANTIC teaser

Introduction to project EURO-ATLANTIC, by Alice Cunha (in PT)

1st seminar "Small States and Big Powers: Portugal and Iceland´s Foreign Relations"


Conclusions of the project are due to published as a book in 2023. 

Take a peek at some quotes from the researchers involved.



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