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Project: Portugal and CPLC: A Strategic Vision for the 21st Century

Funding Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Participant Institutions: IPRI-UNL

Timeframe: January - May 2015

Abstract: The goal of this project was to write a comprehensive report with policy recommendations on the supra-mentioned topic.

Members of the Team:
Alexandra Magnólia Dias (Coordinator)
Carmen Fonseca

Main outputs

- Final Scientific Report - Dias, A. M., & Fonseca, Carmen. (2015). Portugal e CPLP: Uma Visão Estratégica para o Século XXI. Lisboa: IPRI-UNL.
- International Workshop Presentation - Dias, A. M. (2015). What’s in a label? The Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries at twenty. London: Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London.

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