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Project: Values, Institutional Quality, and Development

Funding Source: Francisco Manuel dos Santos Foundation

Participant Institutions: Princeton University

Timeframe: 2012-2015

Abstract: This study aimed at gaining a greater understanding of the character, quality, and contributions to national development of Portuguese institutions through an intensive study of six national organizations deemed emblematic of those in their respective areas of activity The study drew on a prior analysis of twenty-three Latin American institutions in five countries employing a similar methodology to facilitate cross-national comparisons. Results are presented in six qualitative ethnographies of the target organizations, plus tables of scores on six key hypothesized determinants of institutional quality and contributions to development: meritocracy; proactivity toward their environment; technological openness and flexibility; and presence of external allies.

Members of the Team:
Alejandro Portes
Margarida Marques (Coordinator)

Main outputs: 
- Portes, Alejandro e M. Margarida Marques. 2015. Valores, Qualidade Institucional e Desenvolvimento em Portugal, Lisboa: Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos, co-autoria de.
- Portes, Alejandro e M. Margarida Marques. 2015. Values, Institutional Quality and Development in Portugal, co-autoria de A. Portes, Lisboa: Fundação Francisco Manuel dos Santos.

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