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Project: The Geopolitics of Gas and the Future of Euro-Russian Relations - Geo4Ger

Funding Source: FCT - PTDC/IVC-CPO/1295/2014

Participant Institutions: FCSH/NOVA, Instituto da Defesa Nacional (IDN) and IPRI-NOVA

Timeframe: 2016-2018

Abstract: The Geo4GER will investigate the geopolitics of gas in the framework of the complex and multi-dimensional Euro-Russian relationship, through the development of prospective scenarios for Euro-Russian energy relationship within the horizon of the next 20 years. Based on the idea that interaction between international politics, security conjuncture and energy is multi-directional, in our analysis we intend to: a) identify political, economic and geopolitical trends that can compromise or enable the expected increase on Europe’s and Russia’s consumption and gas production for the in coming decades; b) forecast the impact of these geopolitical realities, their implications on gas production and consumption in Europe and Russia, and their consequences in the gas market; and c) evaluate how changes in the gas market may affect the future of Euro-Russian relationship.

Members of the Team:
Aleksei Grivach
Ana Campos
António Paulo David Silva Duarte
Carla Fernandes (Coordinator)
Franco Tomassoni
José Manuel Félix Ribeiro
Pedro Camacho
Raquel Freire
Teresa Ferreira Rodrigues

Website of the Project:


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