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Project: Forecast and Spatial Analysis Model for Public Security - SIM4SECURITY

Funding Source: FCT - PTDC/ATP-DEM/1538/2014

Participant Institutions: IPRI-NOVA, NOVA IMS, SSI, Centro de Investigação em Gestão de Informação (MagIC)

Timeframe: 2016-2018

Abstract: The SIM4SECURITY aims to build a technological solution to support decision making, in terms of public security policies, based on the development of a GIS model and in the preparation of demographic scenarios, which may improve the effectiveness of the operational activity of the security forces. Overall, the project aims to provide an extensive and comprehensive assessment and spatial analysis of the security sector versus population needs that has never been performed for Portugal.

Members of the Team:

Aline Santos
Ana Geraldes
António Inácio
Dalila Araújo
Jorge Bravo
Jorge Ferreira
Marco Octavio Trindade Painho
Miguel Neto
Pedro da Costa Cabral
Roberto Henriques
Teresa Ferreira Rodrigues (Coordinator)
Tiago Oliveira

Website of the Project:


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