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"Religion and State in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Socialist and Post-socialist period"
Speaker: Ehlimana Memišević, Faculty of Law, University of Sarajevo 
April 27th | 11 am - 1 pm
Colégio Almada Negreiros, room 219 | NOVA Campolide campus


Bosnian experience in multiculturalism, diversity and integration of different religious and ethnic groups through history is very significant and can be relevant to the European Union as well as the rest of the world, especially in the context of the great challenges they are currently facing, such as as the migration crisis. With a brief historical introduction, this talk will deal with the religion and the state relationship in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the socialist and post-socialist period.

About the speaker: Ehlimana Memišević, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Legal History and Comparative Law at the Faculty of Law, University of Sarajevo. She holds her BA in Law, and MA and PhD in Legal History and Comparative Law. Her major research interests include Islamic law in the Balkans, the relationship between religion, state and law, and comparative legal cultures, and more broadly Islam in Europe.


Organization: Instituto de História Contemporânea (IHC) and IPRI-NOVA




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