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Doctoral seminar | Political Science
November 18,  2022
9 AM - 2:15 PM
CAN, Room 219


Eleven PhD students, 11 presentations, 10 minutes each: the goal of this 
Political Science Doctoral Seminar is to provide PhD candidates with feedback from their peers and Professors regarding the work they are pursuing.

Organized by Catherine Moury, coordinator of the NOVA FCSH PhD program in Political Science, of which IPRI-NOVA is Associated Research Unit, the seminar takes place on Friday, November 18, between 9 AM and 2:15 PM, in Room 219, Colégio Almada Negreiros (NOVA campus de Campolide), with the participation of Professors and researchers Pedro Tavares de AlmeidaMarco LisiRui BrancoJoão Cancela and Michelangelo Vercesi




9 -11:30 AM
 Session 1

  • Jilson Moreira - 'The effectiveness of the local migrant integration policy: The cases of Lisbon and Sintra' (in PT)
  • Ana Paula Costa - 'Street bureaucrats and the implementation of the regularization of immigrants for work in Portugal' (in PT)
  • Beatriz Ribeiro - 'Obstacles to the implementation of rape laws at the street level: a comparative study of rape attrition in Portugal and Scotland' (via Zoom)
  • Pamela Mossman - 'Pink Tax and the Gender Inequality in the United States of America: the California and New York cases'
  • André Marinha - 'Towards an Imperial Field: Some notes from French and Portuguese Late Colonialism'
  • Matthias Schindler - 'Nicaragua between dictatorship and freedom: from Sandinismo to Orteguismo. Comparison of the two periods of government of the FSLN (1979 - 1990 and 2007 - 2022) from a democratic perspective' (in PT)

11:30-12 Coffee break/ Brunch courtesy of IPRI-NOVA

12-2:15 PM Session 2

  • Cristina Evaristo - 'The evaluation of public policies in political discourse: between rhetoric and practice' (in PT)
  • Heloísa Apolónia - 'Public consultations in Environmental Impact Assessment procedures' (in PT)
  • Gonçalo Pinto - 'From electoral ground-roots to legislative outputs. How welfare policies are shaped by changing electoral patterns'
  • António Leitão - 'The evolution of Euroscepticism in Portugal: comparison of the different forms of Euroscepticism of radical right parties in Portugal' (in PT)
  • Patrick Sawyer - 'Conspiricism as a Component of Elite-Popular Linkages in Populist Movements' (via Zoom) 

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