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1 Workshop PT ES

In the context of a protocol with Real Instituto Elcano (RIE)from Madrid, the Portuguese Institute of International Relations (IPRI-NOVA)is participating in an ongoing project with the major goal of evaluating the relationship between Portugal and Spain, between 2008 and 2016.

The crisis of the sovereign debts conditioned and weakened Lisbon and Madrid, especially in what concerns their ability to participate in the European Union debates and major decisions. However, through their foreign policies both states should try to influence the European agenda, by forging or reviving alliances with traditional allies or new ones.

The present initiative aims to evaluate the bilateral relation between Portugal and Spain in the context of the institucionalization of the bilateral summits, relating then with the foreign policy of each state towards the EU, determining their global and sectorial objectives and achievements.

A summary of this evaluation will be published in a working paper "inform Elcano", which will come with policy recommendations that merger, as much as possible, the positions of the experts of IPRI-NOVA and RIE.

The first meeting between Portuguese and Spanish specialists took place in March 16th and 17th. Part of the meeting was a closed workshop on "The Bilateral Relations between Portugal and Spain: Lessons from the Crisis (2008-2016) followed by a public debate over the topic "Setting the Scene for Portugal and Spain: Brexit and its Consequences".

This project is sponsored by Jerónimo Martins and CUF and supported by FLAD and FCT.


1 workshop IPRI Elcano

From left to rigth: António Vitorino, Charles Powell (Director of Elcano Royal Institute),
Carlos Gaspar, Nuno Severiano Teixeira (Director of IPRI-NOVA).

2 workshop IPRI Elcano

 Presentation and discussion of papers - I

3 workshop IPRI Elcano

  Presentation and discussion of papers - II

4 workshop IPRI Elcano

Researchers and experts from IPRI-NOVA and Elcano Royal Institute present at the workshop.

2 Workshop PT ES

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