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Comparative Politics and International Relations Seminar
Unipolar Concert
18 | March | 2016
Sala IPRI, Edifício I&D, r/c | FCSH-UNL

Coordination: Tiago Fernandes, FCSH-UNL and IPRI-UNL

Session 5
March 18 | Unipolar Concert
12h00 - 13h15
Presentation: Carlos Gaspar, FCSH-UNL and IPRI-UNL
Discussant: Tiago Fernandes, FCSH-UNL and IPRI-UNL


Next Sessions:

Session 6
April 29 | The immanent frame and the temptations of transcendence: the problem of legitimacy in late modern political thought (1905-1933)
12h00 - 13h15
Presentation: Pedro T. Magalhães, FCSH-UNL and IPRI-UNL
Discussant: António Marques, FCSH-UNL

Session 7
May 27 | Influence of the Third Way on the Portuguese Socialist Party Equality Concept
12h00 - 13h15
Presentation: Ana Rita Ferreira, Universidade da Beira Interior
Discussant: Madalena Resende, FCSH-UNL and IPRI-UNL

Session 8
June 3 | Construction of the Democratic City: Urban Policy in Post-April 25
12h00 - 13h15
Presentation: Ana Drago, DINAMIA’CET, ISCTE
Discussant: Rui Branco (FCSH-UNL and IPRI), FCSH-UNL

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