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  • R:I nº 80 | Políticas Externas: Arábia Saudita e Índia em análise | Portugal: temas de identidade
  • Podcast: Diplomatas | Uma parceria IPRI & Público
  • Henry A. Kissinger: 1923-2023
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IPRI-NOVA is organizing a webinar on the latest issue (N.º 65) of its journal Relações Internacionais (R:I), entitled «China and Africa on the Rise», July 10th, at 12pm. Alexandra Magnólia Dias and Carla Fernandes (IPRI-NOVA & NOVA FCSH), and Sofia Fernandes (CEI-IUL) are presenting the topic. Moderation by Teresa Nogueira Pinto (IPRI-NOVA).

Consult here all the articles included in this issue of R:I. The webinar is free to watch and open to everyone. Please enroll here.

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