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  • Luís Moita, 1939-2023
  • SPIL – Study Association for Political Scientists at Universiteit Leiden @ IPRI-NOVA | February 2nd
  • R:I 75 | As migrações europeias numa nova era | European migrations in a new era
  • R:I 74 | Timor Leste: 20 anos de independência | East Timor: 20 years of independence
  • Protestos no Irão | Iran Protests
  • Eleições Presidenciais no Brasil | Brazil's presidential elections
  • A revista R:I encontra-se disponível para consulta on-line | R:I Journal now available on-line
International Press Brief

Brazil's presidential elections

Brazil will vote on October 2 to elect a new president in a scenario of strong political and social polarisation in which the debate between the two main candidates has been fierce and marked by violence between supporters. Polls indicate the advantage of former president Inácio Lula da Silva, but the incumbent, Jair Bolsonaro, promises he will "go to war" to stay in the presidency with accusations of electoral manipulation. Should no candidate reach 50% of the vote, Brazil will vote on a second round.

Iran Protests

The death of Mahsa Amini on 16 September after being detained by the morality police sparked a broad wave of protests in Iran that quickly evolved into a movement of protests against the regime. Despite the violent repression of the regime and the execution of many detained protesters, the movement has not died down.

Working Papers

Working Paper n.º 63/2022
Demographic ageing: the rigidity of conventional metrics and the need for their revision
Maria João Valente Rosa, FCSH-NOVA & IPRI-NOVA

Working Paper n.º 62/2020
«Literacia do Oceano: Dos Princípios à Década da Ciência do Oceano»
Raquel L. Costa, Bernardo Mata, Patrícia Conceição e Fernanda Silva, Direção-Geral de Política do Mar

IPRI in the News

Vem aí a guerra EUA-China? O risco da profecia auto-realizável

José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes
Público |
 February 3 | 2023

Três anos de “Brexit”: rutura com a UE, fissuras por todo o Reino

Bruno Santos Fonseca
Público | January 31 | 2023

Quem não tem IRA caça com BEA?

Jorge Botelho Moniz
Público | January 30 | 2023


SPIL – Study Association for Political Scientists at Universiteit Leiden @ IPRI-NOVA
Participants in SPIL’s field trip to Lisbon are meeting with IPRI-NOVA researchers for an overview of the contemporary and past Portuguese political landscape, of Portugal’s foreign politics and the country’s place on the international scene. Admission is free, subject to resgistration.

Program 'Mapa Mundo'
Every Thursday, at 1:20 PM, members of our team discuss the main international events with journalist Ricardo Alexandre on the radio program 'Mapa Mundo', a partnership between TSF and IPRI-NOVA.

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