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Cimeira da NATO
13 | Julho | 2018

Entre 11 e 12 de julho, num clima de crescentes tensões entre os seus membros, realiza-se em Bruxelas uma Cimeira histórica onde se debatem questões estruturantes para o futuro da Aliança Atlântica como a partilha de responsabilidades, as migrações, o terrorismo e a relação com a Rússia e a fronteira oriental da NATO.


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Brussels Summit Declaration [11/07/2018]

NATO Summit Brussels 2018


Why We Need a New Transatlantic Alliance [13/07/2018]
Bruno Macaes, National Review

This is How the Liberal International Order Dies [12/07/2018]
Paul D. Miller, Atlantic Council

Trump’s Feud with Europe Is Worse Than You Think [12/07/2018]
Abraham Newman, Politico

The Meaning of the Western Alliance [12/07/2018]
Daniel Fried, The Atlantic

Trump’s NATO [12/07/2018]
Judy Dempsey and Tomáš Valášek, Carnegie Europe

A “Value”-less Summit: What to Expect from Trump’s NATO Summit [11/07/2018]
Stewart M. Patrick, CFR

Trump's Strategy to Get NATO to Spend More Is Working—but Will It in the Long Run? [11/07/2018]
Raymond Kuo, National Interest

What America Gets Out of NATO [11/07/2018]
Nicholas Burns, The New York Times

An Inconvenient Truth: Addressing Democratic Backsliding Within NATO [11/07/2018]
Jonathan D. Katz & Torrey Taussig, German Marshall Fund

What Trump gets wrong on allied burden-sharing [11/07/2018]
Michael E. O’Hanlon, Brookings

Redefining NATO Security Investment: Moving Beyond 2 Percent [11/07/2018]
Seamus Daniels and Kathleen Hicks, War on the Rocks

Trump Goes to Europe [10/07/2018]
James M. Goldgeier, Washington Post

¿Trump contra la OTAN? Apariencias y realidades [10/07/2018]
Andrés Ortega, Elcano

Trump the Disrupter [10/07/2018]
Thomas Carothers, Carnegie Europe

NATO’s Binary Moment [10/07/2018]
Andrew A. Michta, American Interest

An inconvenient truth: Addressing democratic backsliding within NATO [10/07/2018]
Jonathan Katz and Torrey Taussig, Brookings

Safeguarding NATO from Trump [10/07/2018]
Elizabeth Sherwood-Randall, The Hill

Sharing the burden without sharing a strategy [10/07/2018]
Will Moreland, Brookings

Hungary Risks NATO Unity on Ukraine [10/07/2018]
Catherine Harris, Nataliya Bugayova & Molly Adler, ISW

Trump's 'déjà vu' Eurotrip: Upcoming Putin, NATO summits raise concerns after G7 debacle [10/07/2018]
Matt Kwong, CBC News

Defence Spending in NATO: Stop Convincing Trump, Start Convincing Europeans [10/07/2018]
Sophia Besch, CER

NATO in the Age of Trump [09/07/2018]
Julianne Smith and Jim Townsend, Foreign Affairs

President Trump goes to Europe this week. Its leaders are bracing for the impact. [09/07/2018]
James Goldgeier, Washington Post

Trump Is Right About Germany’s Low-Energy Military [09/07/2018]
Elisabeth Braw, Foreign Policy

Trump’s Retreat from the West [09/07/2018]
Maxim Trudolyubov, The New York Times

America’s NATO Allies Are Stepping Up [08/07/2018]
Jens Stoltenberg, Wall Street Journal

Counting Dollars or Measuring Value: Assessing NATO and Partner Burden Sharing [07/2018]

Letting Europe go its own way [06/07/2018]
Sven Biscop, Foreign Affairs

Saving NATO from Trump [06/07/2018]
Ana Palacio, Project Syndicate

Anxious Anticipation Ahead of NATO Brussels Summit [05/07/2018]
AA.VV., German Marshall Fund

NATO Needs a Strategy for Countering Russia in the Arctic and the Black Sea [02/07/2018]
Mathieu Boulègue, Chatham House

Brussels NATO Summit 2018: Time to Get Serious About the Arctic [27/06/2018]
Luke Coffey and Daniel Kochis, Heritage Foundation

NATO Nuclear Sharing [06/2018]
Tim Street, Oxford Research Group

Europe and North America need to stay united – now more than ever [19/06/2018]
Jens Stoltenberg, The Guardian


Europe must come together [10/07/2018]
The Guardian

Why NATO Matters [08/07/2018]
New York Times

The Western alliance is in trouble [05/07/2018]
The Economist


Trump threatens to pull out of NATO [12/07/2018]
David M. Herszenhorn & Lili Bayer, Politico

NATO summit: Trump toughens line on defense spending in special session [12/07/2018]
Deutsche Welle

Trump carga contra Alemania y la acusa de ser “cautiva” de Rusia [11/07/2018]
Miguel González & Lucía Abellán, El País

Canada, U.S. express concern at NATO over Russian pipeline into Germany [11/07/2018]
National Post

Ocho países de la OTAN gastarán el 2% del PIB en defensa este año [11/07/2018]
Miguel González & Lucía Abellán, El País

Tusk: “Querido Trump, América no tendrá un aliado mejor que Europa” [11/07/2018]
Lucía Abellán, El País

Senate votes to support NATO ahead of Trump summit [10/07/2018]
Avery Anapol, The Hill

Trump Leaves for NATO Gathering with European Allies on Edge [09/07/2018]
Rebecca Ballhaus, The Wall Street Journal

NATO Chief: Germany Must Increase Defense Spending [09/07/2018]
Deutsche Welle

NATO Allies Prepare to Push Back at Trump (but Not Too Much) [09/07/2018]
Steven Erlanger, New York Times

Trump’s Message to NATO [08/07/2018]
Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic

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