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Publication Norms

The articles submitted to R:I must be original and should not have been submitted to other publications. They will be evaluated according to the double-blind peer review. Texts must be submitted in Portuguese, English, French or Spanish. The language of publication is Portuguese. Authors of articles published in RI will assign exclusive rights to RI. Articles are not paid.

Articles should not exceed 6.000 words, including footnotes. The article should include a bibliography, an abstract and 4 keywords (in Portuguese and English). The book reviews should contain about 1.500 words and contain the complete identification of the publication, as well as the book cover. They should include an original title and be broken down in, at least, two subtitles.

The typographical proofs of the approved articles for publication will be, when demanded, sent to the authors for revision.

Bibliographic references should appear as footnotes, follow the template below and include, when available, the DOI. The bibliography should follow rule 405 of IPQ:

a) Books: SURNAME, Name of author(s) – Book title. Place of publication: Publisher, Year. DOI: xxx.

b) Book chapters: SURNAME, Name of author(s) – "Title of Contribution/Chapter" In Book title. Place of publication: Publisher, Year, Pages. DOI: xxx.

c) Journal articles: SURNAME, Name of author(s) – "Title of Contribution/Chapter" In Journal title. Volume, Number, Year, Pages. DOI: xxx.

d) Web sources: SURNAME, Name of author(s) – "Title of Document" [Consulted at: date of consultation]. Available at: internet site. DOI: xxx.

Articles must be sent by e-mail, in Word format, to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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