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Spain: Changes at the Moncloa
21 | June | 2018

In Spain, the approval of a no-confidence vote against the PP government headed by Mariano Rajoy led to the appointment of Pedro Sánchez as prime minister of a PSOE government that gathers the parliamentary support of a number of left-wing and nationalist parties.


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©REUTERS/Stoyan Nenov
Elections in Hungary
19 | April | 2018

The general election in Hungary gave a landslide victory to Viktor Orbán's right-wing nationalist party Fidesz. His anti-immigration agenda and the backlash on democratic rights and guarantees have relaunched the debate on the democratic crisis and the development of populist parties and movements in Europe.

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Russian election
23 | March | 2018

The presidential election of March 18 confirmed all the projections of a comfortable victory for Vladimir Putin. Despite the ongoing economic crisis and the various conflicts (from Ukraine to Syria) in which the country has been involved, the election campaign focused on security issues and the affirmation of Russia as a great power.

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©Sputnik/Andrei Stenin
Syrian Conflict
11 | April | 2018

Since the cease-fire reached by Jordan, the USA and Russia, took effect on the 9th of July, tensions have de-escalated, with the Islamic State sustaining a number of heavy defeats. In various parts of Syria, negotiations for rebuilding are already under way, while talk increases of the nearing endgame and the maintenance of Assad in power.


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