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United States - Iran Tensions
27 | January | 2020

The death of General Soleimani in Iraq, commander of the Quds unit of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, by order of the American President, increased the level of tension between the two countries and across the Middle East. In retaliation, Iran announced that it would remove limits on enriching uranium and launched a missile battery against U.S. bases in Iraq. On the other hand, fearing a new conflict on national territory, the Iraqi Parliament has called all foreign forces to leave the country.


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Turkish operation in Syria
25 | October | 2019

After the US withdrawal from northern Syria, Turkey has launched a military operation in the against the Syrian Democratic Forces, with fighter from the Kurdish YPG, long-standing allies of the United States. Suffering heavy casualties and lost territory, the Kurds are now negotiating support with Assad and Putin. What will be the impact of this new escalation in the Syrian conflict for Europe, the United States, and upon political and security dynamics in the Middle East?


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01 | August | 2019

After agreeing to a six-month extension as EU member until 31 October, Britain is more divided than ever on Brexit and facing the mounting challenges to British politics after the resignation of Theresa May and the choice of a new Prime Minister.


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©Christophe Petit Tesson/EPA
Algeria in protest
29 | July | 2019

After six weeks of mass protests and growing pressure on the regime, with the Army Chief of Staff calling for the use of article 102 of Algeria’s Constitution prediction the oust of a sick president, Bouteflika finally resigned. Protesters, however, are not satisfied and have taken to the streets again, demanding a regime change.


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