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Mosul Reconquered
24| October | 2017

The Iraqi Prime-Minister announced the liberation of Mosul, with only small pockets remaining under Islamic State control in Iraq. This victory, of great symbolic value after three years of occupation, does not assuage the huge challenges faced by the region and the country.




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Comprendre la bataille de Mossoul en carte
Pierre Breteau et Karim El Hadj, Le Monde

Battle of Mosul: How Iraqi forces defeated the Islamic State
Dan Lamothe, Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Laris Karklis and Tim Meko, Washington Post


Opinions & Analysis
With IS on the way out, Iraqi power struggles pose major threat [24/07/2017] 
Hamdi Malik, Al-Monitor

Post-ISIL Iraq: Breaking the cycle of violence [21/07/2017]
Zaid al-Ali, Al Jazeera

Mosul Has Fallen, But Islamic State Is Far From Defeated [20/07/2017]
Shiraz Maher, New Statesman

Turkey Eager for Role in Rebuilding War-Torn Mosul [20/07/2017]
Fehim Tastekin, Al-Monitor

The Comeback Caliphate: How ISIS Could Regain Control of Iraq [19/07/2017]
Daniel R. DePetris, National Interest

Down but not necessarily out [19/07/2017]
Loay Mudhoon, Qantara

“La victoria en Mosul es engañosa” [17/07/2017]
Entrevista a François Burgat, El País

Mosul Turning Ugly, Raqqa Front Slows [17/07/2017]
Charles Lister, Middle East Institute

Isis may be on its knees but it will rise again if we don’t break the cycle [15/07/2017]
Hassan Hassan, The Guardian

The Caliphate Project in Iraq Post-Mosul [13/07/2017]
Aaron Y. Zelin, Washington Institute for Near East Policy

ISIS After Mosul [13/07/2017]
Daoud Kuttab, Project Syndicate

Why Victory in Mosul Is Overblown [13/07/2017]
Daniel L. Davis, National Interest

Fall of the Islamic State: A Landmark in Muslim History [13/07/2017]
Graham Fuller, LobeLog

How to make the Islamic State’s defeat last [12/07/2017]
Ash Carter, Washington Post

With Isis expelled from Mosul, the west cannot afford to ignore Iraq once again [12/07/2017]
Ranj Alaaldin, The Guardian

How Can Iraq Rebuild? [11/07/2017]
Jack Watling, The Atlantic

The Defeat of ISIS Must Mean an Independent Kurdistan [11/07/2017]
Aziz Ahmad, New York Times

The Real Winners of the Iraq Invasion [10/07/2017]
Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning Herald

L'Irak après l'État islamique : une victoire qui change tout ? [10/07/2017]
Loulouwa Al-Rachid, IFRI

Good news from Mosul does not signal the end of Islamic State [09/07/2017]
Simon Tisdall, Guardian

No Escape From Mosul, and Unlikely Chance of Surrender [06/07/2017]
Michael R. Gordon, New York Times

Vladimir Putin Should Be Wary of Declaring Victory in Syria [06/07/2017]
David Gardner, Financial Times

Iraq After the Fall of ISIS: The Struggle for the State [04/07/2017]
Renad Mansour, Chatham House

How ISIS Survives the Fall of Mosul [03/07/2017]
Charlie Winter, The Atlantic

Iraq: The Battle to Come [01/07/2017]
Joost Hiltermann, New York Review of Books

Challenges to Peace in Post-ISIS Iraq [28/06/2017]
Matthew Schweitzer, Global Observatory

The Fight Goes On: The Islamic State’s Continuing Military Efforts in Liberated Cities [28/06/2017]
Daniel Milton & Muhammad al-`Ubaydi, CTC


The Challenges After Mosul
New York Times

In Mosul, Islamic State's defeat. But will it stick? [10/07/2017]
Chicago Tribune

The liberation of Mosul confirms that Isil's days are numbered, but another battle is just beginning [09/07/2017]



'Fierce Clashes with IS Near Mosul', Says Paramilitary Unit [24/10/2017]

En déroute en Irak et en Syrie, Daech se replie dans le désert [05/09/2017]

Iraqi Military Reclaims City of Tal Afar After Rapid Islamic State Collapse [27/08/2017]
Tamer El-Ghobashy & Mustafa Salim, The Washington Post

Irak tapona al ISIS la ruta por la que viajaba a Siria [27/08/2017]
El País

L’Irak lance la bataille de Tal Afar, dernier bastion de l’EI dans la province de Ninive [20/08/2017]
Le Monde 

Iraqi forces recapture village south of Mosul from Islamic State: police [20/07/2017]

After Mosul, Islamic State Digs in for Guerrilla Warfare [20/07/2017]
Michael Georgy, Reuters

This Is What It's Like Inside Liberated Mosul [15/07/2017]
Borzou Daragahi, BuzzFeed

It could take more than a decade to clear Mosul of explosives, U.S. officials say [13/07/2017]
Thomas Gibbons-Neff and Louisa Loveluck, Washington Post

Mosul's displaced await post-battle security before returning home [13/07/2017]
Stephen Kalin, Reuters

Islamic State on ‘Irreversible’ Path Toward Defeat, Coalition Says [13/07/2017]
VOA News

Over 100 journalists killed, injured while covering Mosul battles: Statement [13/07/2017]
Nehal Mostafa, Iraqi News

Iraq collectively punishing Islamic State families: HRW [13/07/2017]

La última trinchera yihadista en Mosul [12/07/2017]
Ángeles Espinosa, El País

Pentagon braces for Islamic State insurgency after Mosul [11/07/2017]
Jack Detsch, Al Monitor

Let Me Show You What ISIS Left Behind in Mosul [11/07/2017]
Rukmini Callimachi, New York Times

Iraqi PM hails victory over 'brutality and terrorism' in Mosul [11/07/2017]
Middle East Online

UN rights chief calls for justice, healing after Mosul [11/07/2017]
Middle East Online

Battle for Mosul: Iraqi troops clearing last IS militants [10/07/2017]

Mosul: Iraq PM in city to celebrate victory over IS [10/07/2017]

Iraq announces 'victory' over Islamic State in Mosul [07/07/2017]
Emma Graham-Harrison, Guardian

U.S.-Backed Forces Say Battle to Retake Raqqa From ISIS 'Will Take Months' [06/07/2017]
Martin Chulov, The Guardian

Tensions Rise Between Iraqi Forces and Civilians in Mosul [05/07/2017]
Susannah George, ABC

U.S.-Backed Forces Close to Trapping ISIS Holdouts in Raqqa [02/07/2017]
Michael R. Gordon, New York Times

Beyond Raqqa, an Even Bigger Battle to Defeat ISIS and Control Syria Looms [10/06/2017]
Anne Barnard, New York Times


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