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What role should Southern Europe play after the pandemic and the war in Ukraine? Towards a shared agenda for EU reform

Authors: Pol Morillas,Director, CIDOB (coord.); Thomas Gomart, Director, IFRI; Ferdinando Nelli Feroci, President, IAI; George Pagoulatos, Director, ELIAMEP; Charles Powell, Director, Real Instituto Elcano; Nuno Severiano Teixeira, Director, IPRI - NOVA

Co-authors: Filippa Chatzistavrou, Research Fellow, ELIAMEP; Carme Colomina, Research Fellow, CIDOB; Patricia Daehnhardt, Integrated Researcher, IPRI - NOVA; Francesca Leso, Research Assistant, CIDOB; Ignacio Molina, Senior Analyst, Real Instituto Elcano; Héctor Sánchez Margalef, Researcher, CIDOB; Dorothée Schmid, Senior Research Fellow, IFRI; Asli Selin Okyay, Senior Fellow, IAI; Eduard Soler i Lecha, Senior Research Fellow, CIDOB

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O Mito do Isolamento Russo

Diana Soller
Observador, 09 | abril | 2022
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