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Joana Castro Pereira

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Holds a PhD in International Relations from the New University of Lisbon and a BA in Languages and International Relations from the University of Porto. She is assistant professor of International Relations at Lusíada University – North (Porto), a regular guest speaker at the New University of Lisbon, researcher at IPRI-NOVA, and a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Brasília. She is the author of academic articles dealing with global environmental politics themes and has participated as a speaker and organizer in several notable international conferences (ECPR, LASA, EISA). The EUISS invited her to participate in the preparatory workshop for the Third EU-CELAC Summit.

Research Fields:

Global politics in Anthropocene.
Global catastrophic risks.
Climate change and geoengineering.
Brazilian foreign policy.
International Relations theory. 

Recent Publications:

1. Pereira, Joana Castro. 2017. The limitations of IR theory regarding the environment: lessons from the Anthropocene. Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional 60 (1): e018. [online]

2. Pereira, Joana Castro e Miguel Rodrigues Freitas. 2017. Cities and water security in the Anthropocene: research challenges and opportunities for International Relations. Contexto Internacional 39 (3): 521-544. [online]

3. Pereira, Joana Castro. 2017. Low carbon development in Latin America. European Union Institute for Security Studies Issue Alert n.º 15, 24 May 2017. [online]

4. Pereira, Joana Castro. 2016. Geoengineering, scientific community, and policymakers: a new proposal for the categorization of responses to anthropogenic climate change. SAGE Open 6 (1): 1-11. [online]

5. Pereira, Joana Castro. 2015. Environmental issues and international relations, a new global (dis)order – the role of International Relations in promoting a concerted international system. Revista Brasileira de Política Internacional 58 (1): 191-209. [online]

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