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Fernando Pimenta

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Graduated in History at Coimbra University and completed a PhD degree in History and Civilization at the European University Institute of Florence in 2007. He is currently a researcher at the School of Social and Human Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (FCSH/NOVA). He has published several books on Portuguese Colonial History and also on Portuguese Contemporary History. In 2009 he won the prize Victor de Sá de História Contemporânea da Universidade do Minho.

Research Fields:

Portuguese Colonial History.
Settler Colonial Studies.
Portuguese Contemporary History.
History of International Relations (Portugal-Italy).
Historical Demography.

Recent Publications:

1. Descolonização de Angola e de Moçambique. O comportamento das minorias brancas (1974-1975). Goiânia: Editora Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2015.
2. “O Estado Novo e a reforma do Estado colonial em Angola: o comportamento político das elites brancas (1961-1962)”, História (São Paulo), vol. 33, n.º 2, Julho/Dezembro de 2014.
3. (Cordination) República e Colonialismo na África Portuguesa. Porto: Afrontamento, 2012.
4. “Angola’s Euro-African Nationalism: the Angolan United Front” in Sure Road? Nationalisms in Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique (Ed. by Eric Morier-Genoud). Leiden: Brill, 2012.
5. Storia Politica del Portogallo Contemporaneo. Firenze: Le Monnier, 2011.

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